Album Review: Sundials – Kick EP

Breathing life into the style of punk is a grand gesture and Richmond, Virginia band Sundials have done it with oxygen to spare. The act build on their creativity on new EP ‘Kick’, a record that might not fall under the noses of the masses, but it will offer a freshness for the faithful. The songs sound different. There is no replication or repetitiveness, just wholesome slices of intelligent music.

Captivation rings like a telephone on ‘Kick’. It captivates because it seems real and arrogance doesn’t appear to have disconnected the workings of the record. Blushing rawness is there, massaging the DIY ethos of the contribution. You’re never going to fall straight first into a fit of mass hysteria either. The record isn’t political or labelled, it’s free to fly like a dove.

The six track EP starts with ‘Dealin’. It begins with infectious vocals and compelling but simple riff built to please. The lyrics seem to describe anxious thoughts and conditions. It wears the punk robe with style and grace. ‘It Gained A Grip’ is a song about searching for hope and clarity. The guitar sequence is simple but engrossing, pushing the EP up a notch. ‘Stun Spore’ is very intelligent lyrically, scorching the face of uninspiring wordplay. The vocals lash out like a fist and the guitar beats along wonderfully.

Sundials new EP pays homage to creativity and the dark side. It’s very compelling and it works like a good oiled machine. The punk act haven’t surrendered to clichés, and have not moulded their music on any other band, which makes them highly unique.


‘Kick’ EP by Sundials is out now on Topshelf Records.

Sundials links: Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

Words by Mark McConville (@Writer1990Mark)


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