Album Review: Tag Your Targets – Destinations


Malmö, Sweden’s Tag Your Targets have only been together for two years and have already released both a demo and a split with up and coming Welsh pop punkers Hot Damn. Given their fast start it’s little surprise that the band have just released their fantastically produced debut full length, ‘Destinations’. This twelve track follows in the aural footsteps of many European pop punk bands and whilst certainly not reinventing the wheel it does keep it moving at a steady pace.

‘This Is What We Do (And This Is Why)’ kicks off proceedings with an impassioned slice of pop punk pie. It sets the tone for the rest of the record – big choruses, great riffs, and clean vocals and all the while being damn catchy too. There’s a picking-yourself-up-again positivity that crops up throughout the ‘Destinations’ that first makes its mark on this track. ‘Apples & Oranges’ is similar, with lyrical hooks and bass driven verses it marks a standout moment. On subsequent listens I’ve looked forward to sections of this song more than anything else on the album. ’Third Time’s The Harm’ has another enormous chorus and plenty of sing-along sections that will run through your mind on and off for the next couple of hours. There’s also a fantastic breakdown; the drums are immense and carry a great riff and some of the Tag Your Targets’ harsher vocals absolutely beautifully.

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For all the great hooks, clever lyrics, and perfect production that have held ‘Destinations’ so far, everything hits home on ‘At Any Rate’. “Life is what happens while you’re waiting for moments that never come" sang over a sweet little riff and performed with heart swelling belief is simply a wonderful moment on the album and not at all trite. ‘Everything Changes’ is similar in it’s delivery, with the exception that on this one an ill advised stadium rock solo interrupts the flow before the band have any chance to start building PMA. ‘Opposites Attract’ takes an unexpected sideway, dropping away into pure hardcore following a perfectly pop punk first minute and a half. This surprisingly well executed genre cameo will probably earn the band some stick. Perhaps the same people who complain that ‘Destinations’ sounds too much like some of its punk rock influences will moan that this should have been cut but I appreciate this influences-on-the-sleeve approach and Tag Your Targets do it well.

Closer ‘Bowl of Goodbyes’ is another prime example of the band’s ear for a tune and it’s possibly the best track on the album. Taking elements of the more pop punk early tracks and combining them with the grizzlier fare of ‘Opposites Attract’ and ‘Wildcard’, Tag Your Targets are able end their debut full length on a high.

This is a great record, a masterfully produced record, and whilst not the most exceptionally original it is excellently executed. There is little to complain about and the final section of ‘Bowl of Goodbyes’ will ring out in your head so long you’ll never remember what those complaints were in the first place.


‘Destinations’ by Tag Your Targets is out now. 

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 Words by Tom Knott (@nounandthenouns)


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