Album Review: Templeton Pek – New Horizons

imageIn the grand scheme of things, the route of a band from underground stalwarts to critically acclaimed giants isn’t always a smooth one. Sometimes scene tastes change, sometimes internal affairs hold back potential and sometimes things simply aren’t fair. Templeton Pek have been knocking on the glass ceiling for nigh on 10 years and though they have secured a major following in mainland Europe, the success has never truly materialized on home soil. Here’s to hoping that fourth effort ‘New Horizons’ translates to the attention that the band’s work ethic deserves.

Things get off to a flying start as ‘Skylines’ opens with a significant dosage of cloud-touching melodies and heavily emotive licks before ‘The Sideline’ injects a drop of frenzied punk energy over its ballsy rock riffs. Over their career, the band have found the right balance between spitefully buoyant punk rock and quintessentially British rock to pull off a sound that is a melodic and rousing, as it is scratchy and unkempt. Such a combination does take a good ear to get right but Templeton Pek rarely put a foot wrong.

Other highlights include ‘Fractures’ which toys with off key orchestral feels before smashing through with high octane drums and screeching bounce while ‘Smoke And Mirrors’ channels the band’s inner Ignite with pop leaning vocals and lightning speed percussions. At no point do the band drop the pace for the sake of harmonies and ballads. If anything, they push themselves to the limit of what they can muster and come out the other end bruised, battered and exhilarated. Closers ‘Last Salute’ and ‘The Great Divide’ hold everything that the band have worked to achieve in their breakneck delivery, deep-set feeling and overall overwhelming harmony. Though it’s not breaking boundaries or challenging social conventions, ‘New Horizons’ knows exactly what it stands for and demonstrates it splendidly.

‘New Horizons’ is indeed the blossoming once again of one of the UK’s most underrated appreciated exports. With tunes that pack in more pulsing energy and sentimental heart than a few bands do in their whole career, it only seems fair that Templeton Pek get their moment in the sun. Here’s hoping eh?


New Horizons by Templeton Pek is out now on Hardline Entertainment.

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Words by Jack Rogers (@JackMRog)


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