Album Review: Templeton Pek – Signs


Templeton Pek is a true asset to the UK rock scene which in the past 12 months has grown from strength to strength, with many bands emerging and heading in the direction of success. The trio return with their forthcoming album ‘Signs’ and it’s pretty impressive, reaffirming that the talent in the UK is flaring.  

From open to close, ‘Signs’ is full of nothing but catchy hooks, energetic rhythms and just a generally uplifting rock vibe. The contrast between the rapid percussion and the slightly slower mid-paced rhythms works really well for Templeton Pek and the trio have perfected their ability to grab the listener and pull them in; they certainly aren’t letting go anytime soon.

The strong vocal structures throughout the record, for example in the likes of ‘Trial and Error’, and title track ‘Signs’ just adds to the already characterised melodies, particularly the fact that Neal Mitchell has such soft yet diverse vocals, naturally hitting a range of higher notes and by no means sounding strained.

Single ‘What Are You Waiting For’ is a particular standout track, opening with an orchestral section which was previously unheard of, reflecting the creativity of the trio who soon kick into their trademark, straight up rock sounds.  ‘Alive (Promise Is Safety)’ experiments with the contrast of energetic and calm sections, which works well with the diversity of Mitchell’s vocals; where he focuses distorted, high range vocals in slower sections to create a chilling ambience.

Overall there is very little to complain about with Templeton Pek’s new record: ‘Signs’ is a very bold and promising offering from the trio and just proves that the British music scene is very much alive and full to the brim with great talent. This energetic bunch is certainly worth checking out because once you start listening, it’s difficult to stop. 


Signs’ by Templeton Pek is released on the 29th April via Century Media Records.

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Words by Hannah Gillicker (@HannahGillicker


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