Album Review: The Arteries – Restless

imageLike The Bronx and The Riverboat Gamblers before them, Welsh melodic rock ‘n roll punks The Arteries continue to naturally progress towards a refined and focused sound. This upcoming six track EP entitled ‘Restless’ acts as a taster of things to come.

This EP sees the band delivering hooks and a catchy vibe in firm balance with the usual rocking energy the band are known for. The wording of vocalist Miles on ‘Spare Ribs’ flows wonderfully with the music, whilst ‘Die Nullte’ kicks off with a steady drum fill with lurching riffs and bass eventually coming in at full throttle. ‘Somebody to Blame’ is a definite highlight of the band’s formula on display here; a prominent bass leads the charge as moaning guitars grasp go up and around the main current before launching into a rocking chorus.

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The main theme of the record involves the subject of one’s problems catching up with them and finding a lack of solutions. The main chorus of ‘Grow Up’ sums this up marvellously with the line “There’s no hope when you’re running away”which rides along the usual catchiness of the band’s magic.

As an EP, ‘Restless’ shows The Arteries with their most mature offering to date, continuing in the same structure of melodically entwined rock ‘n roll punk promise that their earlier releases showed. Sure it may be short, but it provides an enjoyable taster to what’s to come from this Welsh band. For now, let’s just enjoy this slab of enjoyable punk ‘n roll every 15 minutes on repeated rotation.


‘Restless’ by The Arteries is released on 18th March on Specialist Subject Records.

The Arteries links: Facebook|Website|Twitter|Bandcamp

Words by Aaron Lohan (@ooran_loohan)


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