Album Review: The Color Morale – Desolate Devine

The Color Morale have always been about more than just music. They are about sending a message. They are about setting an example. They are about growing up healthy, happy and hopeful. No album expressed that sentiment better than the band’s ’14 effort ‘Hold On Pain Ends’, a record built around the idea of getting better and helping people know that things can change. It’s no surprise then that their follow up ‘Desolate Devine’ follows the same path, but does so in some style.

Over The Color Morale’s life span their music has undertaken a few little facelifts. What began as a heavily fuelled battering of breakdowns and mosh parts, the version of the band that opens itself up for the world to see these days has a few extra layers to it. Alongside the heft, there is more melody, more pageantry and at times even more heart.

Vocalist Garrett Rapp croons delicately over the orchestral twinges of ‘Clip Paper Wings’ and growls intently on the battering yet balanced ‘Home Bittersweet Home’ while all the time preaching a gospel of honesty and integrity. What stays the same is the subject matter that the band delves deep in to. The music that they create serves as a vessel for the insecurities and anxieties we all go through in life and is done so in a way that anyone can relate and find hope within in. It acts as a clear and coherent lifeline. No bullshit, no riddles, no holds barred, just as it should be. Not many bands find the right balance between achieving their initial aims while still evolving and making music that speaks to both the majority and minority. The Color Morale have found that balance.

‘Desolate Divine’ and The Color Morale deliver help for those who may not always be heard and gives them something to hang on to when there may be nothing else. Music is already powerful, but sometimes it can be truly life saving.


‘Desolate Devine’ by The Color Morale is released on August 19th on Fearless Records.

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Words by Jack Rogers (@JackMRog)


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