Album Review: The Computers – Want The News? Here’s The Blues

The Computers - Want The News? Here's The BluesFrom their initial hardcore/garage punk beginnings to the blues/rock ‘n’ roll sounds that have creeped into the long list of influences for The Computers, this (conveniently titled) EP is the latest evidence of that.

Regardless of genre twists, you know what to expect with The Computers: a neatly produced display of excellent songwriting. No need to look far for evidence of that on this record, with the title track opening proceedings with its booming and heavily-distorted bass demanding attention from the offset before delving into their otherwise now distinctive sound, mixing and mashing together influences of garage/blues/rock n roll.

This up-tempo, neatly-packaged theme is maintained throughout the EP and, on the whole, is a short sharp shot of mastery. Whilst the title track stood out from the others, that isn’t to say that there are any weak points on this EP. For example, on any other record the catchy chorus on the riff-centric track ‘Crucified on You’ would be the highlight of most other records you have heard this year.

Overall fantastic and everything I’d hope for in the anticipation of this release. To try a keep some balance, I would say that the only drawback is that this wasn’t a full length; certainly enough here to whet the appetite.


‘Want The News? Here’s The Blues’ by The Computers is out now on One Little Indian.

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Words by Mark Bussey (@markbussey)


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