Album Review: The First – Take Courage

image At last we see a full album release from the Cambridgeshire rockers The First; ever since I saw these guys on the Ourzone magazine tour I was impressed and hoped to hear more from them in the future. And from what I hear here on first listen, it is a strong and impressive album that has everything, catchy lyrics, heavy guitar riffs, some screaming and also some sweet guitar solos.

The album starts off with the catchy ‘Dare I Say I Ruined Everything’ which brings some fast guitars and drums backed up by some screams. As frontman Benny’s sweet vocals come in it becomes seriously catchy, with added backing vocals it really is a catchy song. Third track in‘There’s No Place Like Home’ is of the same vein as it bounces along with some added lead guitar it brings that summertime vibe. As the breakdown comes at the end we hear a rip roaring guitar solo leading straight back into that catchy chorus.

There are some much slower paced songs that still bring that catchy rock vibe, ‘Start Again’ and the stand up and take charge of your life ‘Take Courage’. Both have that power to them but also an emotional feel in the lyrics as well to really make people relate to the songs. The latter song slows right down to rise back up with backing vocals and finish on a soaring guitar solo over a final chorus.

The band aren’t too worried about breaking out the acoustic guitar and piano, ‘Enough Is Enough’ sounds very much like an old acoustic led The Scene Aesthetic song about finding the right relationship and loss. ‘Tonight Tonight’ is a piano led song about having nothing left to lose, the song builds up as some lead guitar work and drums finish the track off.

It has to be said the band can bring some serious riffs as well; on ‘Take It Back’ starts with a heavy catchy riff that comes in throughout the song as well. ‘Shark Attack’ is another song with a catchy intro riff which leads into some heavy and fast rhythms, of course a guitar solo makes an appearance as well. A song which reminds me of The Blackout is ‘Love Regret Forgive Forget’, a heavy intro riff runs throughout the song and has that catchy vocal vibe with added backing vocals as well.

For a second full length album the band have certainly worked on their sound and have created something catchy, at times heavy and really enjoyable. They’re not scared to show off all sides of the band as they have heavy songs, slower catchy songs and acoustic and piano led songs. I have to add frontman Benny’s voice is impressive as he hits all the right notes and reminds me of an early Ryan Key from Yellowcard. The album has a really summertime vibe to it and brings that bright happy feel through all the songs. I look forward to seeing what the future has in store for these Cambridgeshire lads as this album will definitely impress.


‘Take Courage’ by The First is out on the 23rd of September on Destroy Everything.

The First links: Website|Facebook

Words by Aaron Wilson (@soundslikeajw)


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