Album Review: The People The Poet – Thank You For Today

Following on from news of changing their name from Tiger Please to The People The Poet, the South Wales group have released this four-track EP to show us what is to come later this year with their full-length, ‘The Narrator.’

If the bands aim was to get fans hopes us, then they’ve truly accomplished that as ‘Thank You For Today’ is a short, charming EP that delicately showcases the bands organic sound. ‘Divided Kingdom’ is a sweet, folky number that serves well as an introduction with distinctive vocals from Leon Stanford and complimentary strings.

‘The Trip’ is a heartwarming tale of someone losing their mother which gently draws you in and leaves you listening intensely to every word. Whilst ‘Iora’ is equally as beautiful with twinkling acoustic guitars and soft strings support Stanford’s confident vocals.

The title track rounds off the EP at a calm tempo with plucky acoustics dominating for the most part before the simple yet memorable line of “hello tomorrow, goodbye yesterday, thank you for present, thank you for today" is repeated until the end. 

In a stripped down environment, The People The Poet have shown they are capable of anything; lyrically they are able to capture the listeners attention, whilst musically they’re able to confidently go from a joyful approach (‘Divided Kingdom’) to passionate ballads (‘The Trip’).

Although the bar has been set high for ‘The Narrator,’ its no doubt that the band will fufill their potential, and ‘Thank You For Today’ is clearly evidence of that happening.


‘Thank You For Today’ by The People The Poet is available now on Bandcamp.

The People The Poet links: Facebook|Twitter|Tumblr|Soundcloud|Bandcamp

Words by Sean Reid


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