Album Review: The St. Pierre Snake Invasion – A Hundred Years A Day

imageThe St. Pierre Snake Invasion aren’t exactly synonymous with subtlety. Sayall & Co. have established themselves as one of the most outspoken outfits on the British circuit right now, and if it wasn’t for their good friends in Future of the Left, they might be a shoe-in for the top spot in that regard. Art imitates life, and ‘A Hundred Years A Day’ translates all the chaos of a TSPSI live show into a fantastic debut LP.

It’s good to see how many mainstays of the band’s live shows have made it onto the record. ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Workshops’ and ‘David Ickearumba’ are as magnificent as ever, while ‘If The Only Way Is Essex You Can Kill Me Now’ is every bit of the perfect closing track here as it is wherever TSPSI tear into live.

Elsewhere on the record, ‘Sex Dungeons & Dragons’ goes from slow burn to absolute fucking inferno in the blink of an eye, while the touch paper is lit on ‘Like A Rag To A Red Bull’ before the track even begins. ‘A Hundred Years A Day’ is varying degrees of incendiary from raucous start to raucous finish, and a perfect gateway to a band whose songs will be roaring around in your head for weeks on end.

There’s a whole lot to rave about when it comes to The St. Pierre Snake Invasion. There’s no word count high enough to fit all of it in. Buy this record.


‘A Hundred Years A Day’ by The St. Pierre Snake Invasion is out independently now.

The St. Pierre Snake Invasion links: Website|Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

Words by Antony Lusmore (@VilinskiKonjic)


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