Album Review: Thick As Blood – Living Proof

After a change of label from Eulogy to Rise Records, Miami based 4-piece Thick As Blood are back with their hybridized hardcore and metal sound and new album ’Living Proof.‘ 

From the off this is a record of aggression and power, as opening track ‘Pain & Gain’ revs up and sets the stage for a brutal record of noise. The music is sharp, well-produced and heavy. Everything about ’Living Proof’ is technically sound, as ear-splitting drum beats meet tight guitar riffs and epic breakdowns in ‘Full Measure’ and ‘Madre Mia’ amongst others. Whilst being technically sound however, there is no soul to the album at all.

The record verges into the clichéd regularly and the lyrics are evidence of this.“We are the voice of the voiceless” growls front man Gino Vento on ‘The Outsiders.’ They’re not the kind of lyrics that inspire great imagery or sound like they have been given much thought but they’re delivered with a raw passion that may be endearing to some. To me, however, the songs seem limp and lifeless and not driven along by any kind of vision.

This lack of vision is evident as the album limps onwards, with ‘Diente Por Diente’ and ‘Headaches’ never inspiring in any way, shape or form. It is frustrating because Thick As Blood are clearly talented guys, but there seems to be something integral lacking from their sound at the moment.

As closing track ‘Damned Nation’ signs off the album with more of the same, bland noise, there is a sense that this album is a wasted opportunity. ’Living Proof’ is a disappointing album. For connoisseurs of the genre or for fans of the band’s earlier releases this may be worth a listen but everyone else need not bother with an album of sub-par metal tracks. An album that makes generic sound appealing.


‘Living Proof’ by Thick As Blood is out now on Rise Records.

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Words by Tom White (@whiteywitters)


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