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imageI’m sure you’ll remember the malarky that surrounded December of last year. The “inevitable” end of the world, those who knew that it wasn’t to happen and those who said they didn’t but were ever curious as to “what if…” I can proudly say that I’m sat in 2013 and that we’re doing ok. Well, I guess not. Jessops, HMV and Blockbuster have all declared the beginning of their own demises and 2 of my friends have deleted their Facebook accounts; absolute disaster. Maybe it is the end of the world?

No, of course it isn’t. It’s a good job we didn’t witness a fiery hailstorm of molten lava and the embodiment of death and despair as we wouldn’t have been able to let our ears be witness to the absolute delight that is ‘’ by This Town Needs Guns; emo, math and a whole world of melodies ready to delight all those faced with the harsh reality of the world.

The band now being a 3 piece clearly isn’t an excuse for them to slow down or be lacking in any way. Those tightly wrapped melodies and rhythms come from each and every angle, intricately threaded together in the warmest blanket ever created, comforting and caressing as the warm vocals are woven precisely over the top. The guitar and bass lines work together as one, like the Ant & Dec of stringed instruments, all held together by the Rubik Cube-esque drum patterns that must be every drum teachers dream to teach. Well, assuming they can get their sticks around it themselves.

Songs like ‘Cat Fantastic’ are gloriously accessible and should accompany every living person on every sunny day that we’re ever lucky to be graced with, whilst the instrumental electroacoustic efforts of ‘Nice Riff, Clichard’ show a subtle and soothing meditation medley as if the band were playing from the shores of Dover, until the complex concoction of electronic hits, slaps and cackles offer a less natural sound from the band. A taste of what may be hiding up their sleeves, but only teased and tested for now.

As an album and a piece of art, ‘’ is an absolute tremendous effort to music and musicianship. It’s inspiring and precious, yet full of so much passion from just 3 men. 3 British men. I’m glad the world didn’t end as January has never sounded this good. But then again, maybe if the world did end I could choose this as my soundtrack and enjoy those last fleeting moments on planet earth as the world crashes and crumbles around me and I’ll still be singing any melody I can get my head around.

But seriously, I hope the world doesn’t end. If it does then how can we include this in our 2013 Albums Of The Year? I know it’s early but it does’t seem so surprising to imagine it in many lists.


‘’ by This Town Needs Guns is out now on Sargent House.

This Town Needs Guns links: Website|Facebook|Twitter|Tumblr

Words by Mikey Brown (@MikeyMiracle)


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