Album Review: Title Fight – Floral Green

With their second full-length ‘Floral Green’ Kingston, Pennsylvania’s Title Fight sees the band building on the momentum of last year’s ‘Shed’ and taking their hardcore punk sound to the next level by maturing and becoming lyrically reflective.

Don’t get me wrong the bands development is in no way, shape or form going to alienate fans as early tracks ’Numb, But I Still Feel It’ and ‘Leaf’ have that same rough, aggressive punk tone that the quartet pull off so well. Yet there does seem to be more drive and structure, although this isn’t instantly recognisable.

Whilst early tracks settle you in, it’s not until ‘Secret Society’ where Title Fight step things up with roaring, vivid guitars and howling, roaring vocals from Ned Russin. It’s certainly a stand out track and for new listeners, it’s an ideal number to understand what Title Fight are back.

Admittedly ‘Head In The Ceiling Fan’ is somewhat of a departure from the band with its morose, haunting tone that steadily builds to a cathartic conclusions that is thoroughly compelling.

The rest of ‘Floral Green’ is a mix of melodic punk rock (‘Sympathy’ and ‘Frown’) and dark, grungier tracks like ‘Calloused.’ Whilst ‘Lefty’ is wayward and structured with a subtle yearning tone that gives-way to final track ‘In-Between’ neatly. It combines that bleak, atmospheric tone with the bands edgy hardcore punk sound.

Although ‘Floral Green’ can at times sound cold and Title Fight’s style may have not completely progressed from their previous releases, this release shows their capability to add depth, both musically and lyrically, and a subtle willingness to develop their sound.

‘Floral Green’ is certainly on the right road to make Title Fight stand out from the ever-growing Hardcore Punk scene.


‘Floral Green’ by Title Fight is available now on Side One Dummy.

Title Fight links: Facebook|Twitter|Tumblr

Words by Sean Reid


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