Album Review: Undesirable People – Eternal Vision Of A Blind Future

imageAfter securing a name beyond the frontiers of their hometown Michigan, Undesirable People push themselves to progressive status with new LP ‘Eternal Vision Of A Blind Future’.

Undesirable People have boldly shed the scales of their previous melodic punk skin bringing in disparate Americana and gruff punk rock influences into the folds. The transformation is grandiose on ‘The Left Behind’ which stretches at both ends of the aforementioned genres. Existential reflections are highlighted as vocalist/bassist Mark Lebiecki voices his frustration with the tediums of modern living suggesting, “The twitch in my fixation, stand in line or left behind, someone out there believes…”

The sound on ‘Eternal Visions Of A Blind Future’ has the ability to slither beyond your ears to your most vulnerable senses and cause you to shiver repeatedly. The level of sludge on these guitar tones have not been scraped since the visual swamp stirrings of Seaweed’s 1995 ‘Spanaway’, and it is apparent on ‘Lakeworth’ and ‘We’re All Cut From The Same Cloth’ that Undesirable People are able to give the unsung grunge lords all the makings of a good fight.

The dynamic tone changes ensure that the record is as grandiose as it should be, exacerbating the cinematic quality for listeners. Mark Lebiecki reaches omnipresent status, observing that, “Way past judgement day but we all live in pain, it doesn’t matter where you’re from,” through the universal doom of ‘Cutting Down The World Tree’.

The record is crafted in such a way where listeners are yanked into the two contrasting soundscapes (Americana and grunge), one highlighting the extremity of the other. ‘Hereafter’ is notably an example of the climatic crossover that occurs throughout the record. The guitars pinch your attention to the brink, before dipping you into the melting pot of the grassroot Americana.

On ‘Eternal Visions Of A Blind Future,’ Undesirable People have crafted a cohesive work that touches every tangible nerve from start to finish.


‘Eternal Vision Of A Blind Future’ by Undesirable People is released on September 22nd.

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Words by Aaron Akeredolu (@boymostlikelyto)


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