Album Review: Various – Epilogue Of A Car Crash! A Tribute To Orchid!

imageI’ll be honest; I have never listened to the band Orchid. Therefore it is difficult for me to compare and contrast these covers to the original material. Yet here is what I know of the band: Orchid was an American screamo/powerviolence band from Amherst, Massachusetts; they released several EPs and three full lengths; and they’re considered to be pioneers of the “screamo” genre in the late 90s before splitting in 2002. This upcoming compilation from Dog Knights Productions features 24 bands paying tribute to and settling their debt and gratitude to Orchid’s influence on their bands.

As someone who isn’t familiar with the original material, I can say with my hand on heart that the delivery of this record is bludgeoning. At its core, many of the bands use their fiery drive to present a delicious heap of noise to satisfy bleeding ears. The likes of Full of Hell, Republic of Dreams and Carrion Spring really hone in on a desperate and frightening energy to cling you to your chair. There are some interesting musical twists from Questionable Youth and often a depraving melancholy that borderlines the building frustration as presented by History of the Hawk and Todos Caeran.

So what is my overall opinion of Orchid through the eyes of this long list of bands? Well there is a passion and drive present from each band who is giving their utmost justice for the material present. The moods range from the barrel of the darkest emotions whether it’s frustration, anger or withdrawal; if this is what Orchid are about, then I want in. In fact, this compilation is so enjoyable that I want to listen to Orchid’s entire discography right this second and scream till my lungs collapse.


‘Epilogue to a Car Crash! A Tribute to Orchid!’ is available on the 8th April on Dog Knight Productions.

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Words by Aaron Lohan (@ooran_loohan)


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