Album Review: Without Maps – Capillaries


Capillaries’ is Nottingham quartet Without Maps’ debut record and to say that this is the band’s first full-length release it’s certainly impressive.

Opening the record is short introduction ‘Blood Songs’, which defines the four-piece’s sound within the space of a minute and that’s a sound that I can definitely get used to. Hitting the nail on the head with their vocal structures, Without Maps combine powerful, shouted backing vocals and distinct, raw forefront vocals to exert a really fresh and infectious sound; continuing to reiterate this with their lively melodies and percussion. This can also be said for the likes of ‘JCVD’ and ‘This Is An I Song’ later on in the record, where Without Maps take ballsy rhythms and dual vocals to create tracks full to the brim with character and substance.

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Museum For Ships’ experiments with slightly softer vocals throughout sections of the track, which works as much in their favour as the screamed vocals do; highlighting the quartet’s rounded musical ability, not just sticking to the same pattern in each song. These vocals are backed by the forever infectious rhythms that Without Maps execute so well, continuing to prove that this band are a true talent. Closing the record on a very promising note is ‘Other People’s Art,’ keeping up that strong energy that has been present throughout the record, along with the intricate melodies and distinctive vocal structures; the quartet has only left me wanting more and this band have got themselves a new fan.

Without Maps really have produced a belter of a debut record and ‘Capillaries’ is truly admirable; the tracks consistently ooze with a raw energy that hooked me right from the start. The quartet certainly have their heads screwed on and with such an impressive release it’s safe to say that these guys will be ones to watch out for in the future.


Capillaries’ by Without Maps is out on the 25th March on Barely Regal Records/49s v Dolphins

Without Maps links: Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

Words by Hannah Gillicker (@HannahGillicker)


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