Album Review: Woe, Is Me – Genesi[s]

Woe, Is Me are an American six piece post-hardcore metal band from Atlanta, Georgia. The band formed in 2009 and since the release of their 2010 début  Woe, Is Me have been climbing to the top, selling over 40,000 albums. ‘Genesi[s]’ is their second studio album and was in the Top 10 on the iTunes Rock Chart. 

Woe, Is Me have been busy relentlessly touring the US with Of Mice & Me, We Came As Romans, Attack Attack! As well as performing at the Vans Warped Tour. It’s now the UK’s chance to see what all the fuss is about. 

With the release of ‘Genesi[s]’ the band says they are trying to bring things to the next level. ‘Genesi[s]’ is an outstanding innovative album, with it’s use of pop-punk melodies with catchy choruses, heavy metal instrumentals and breakdowns, awesome ferocious screaming, all mixed with electronic symphonies. Woe, Is Me have created a fresh new take on the metal genre. 

The record begins with ‘D-Day’ and instantly your ears are hit with a powerful mix of hardcore sounds and sets the tone for the entire album; aggressive, angry and hard-hitting. The next track ‘F.Y.I.’ starts with an insane modern metal breakdown and is simply aggressive with powerful screaming enhanced with electronic elements. ‘A Story To Tell’ displays wonderful drum and guitar work. The chorus is catchy starring pop-punk American vocals, giving the fans something to sing along too. 

The favourite from the album is ‘With Our Friend[s] Behind Us.’ The song is of a similar style to before, with more deep hardcore vocals and screaming collaborated with fantastic instrumentals and breakdowns. Fans are given an extra treat as the track has special guest vocals from Caleb Shomo from Attack Attack! “Bury your motives, Bury your pride.” 

‘Nothing Left To Lose’ has an innovative opening which imitates someone scrolling through radio-stations, with a mix of different musical sounds and songs. The next song is ‘The Walking Dead’ which violently begins with war sounding alarms, heavy screaming vocals, deep hardcore guitar riffs and triple base pedals. It also features special guest vocals, this time from Matty Mullins of Memphis May Fire; “We can never sink as low as you.” 

Following in a similar style, ‘I Came I Saw I Conquered’ has a powerful starting, but begins with a more pop-punk melody. ‘Call It Like You See It’ begins with a powerful instrumental of heavy drums and electric guitar riffs. This then flows into a more slow-paced tempo, and a pop-punk catchy chorus.

The other favourite from the album is ‘I’ve Told You Once,’ it has a mesmerizing wonderful melody with use of deep electric twang-y guitar riffs, with a super-fast pace the song is a hit. The album completely changes swift with ‘Family First.’ The track begins at a slower-pace and is a highly expressive song with beautiful acoustic guitar riffs and extremely catchy lyrics. 

The album finishes with an acoustic version of ‘Nothing Left To Lose.’ The song is simply striking, with sweet American vocals and remarkable acoustic guitar. The last two songs make ‘Genesi[s]’ something truly innovative and magical.  

‘Genesi[s]’ is an astounding album, and we highly recommend giving it a listen if you’re into your brutally heavy ferocious metal music. 


‘Genesi[s]’ by Woe, Is Me is available now on Velocity/Rise Records.

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Words by Chantelle Kelly (@ChantelleKelly3)


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