Album Review: Wolves – Cycles EP

Having only formed in 2010 North Wales’s own Wolves have shared the stage with some well known bands and have released this there second EP this year ‘Cycles’. Focussing the music itself on the subjects in life of human issues and struggles the EP covers both areas quite well.

Opening track ‘Divide’ starts the EP off fast and heavy with thick guitar riffs, slowing down mid song into a more emotive groove. Blasting back into the thick heavy riffs and screaming raw vocals it finishes the song well. Second track ‘Courage Breaker’ mainly draws upon the sound of the bass line, with the bass line being the driving sound of the song. It brings in yet heavier thick sludgy heavy guitar sounds that power the song to a heavy crescendo.

The bands song ‘Linger’ is a slower feel with yet another bass line led feel, it is emotive yet heavy at the same time. The creeping yet haunting guitar sound runs throughout the song and brings a very haunting feel to the song.

Final track of the EP ‘Dead Weight’ starts off as a fast paced song with plenty of heavy guitar riffs and fast drums, slowing back down to draw you in. Building back up for one last guitar driven push to the end of the song it finishes the EP off well.

Despite the quick turnaround of the songs being recorded in only two days it isn’t a great step forward for the band but it’s a good EP. The songs sound raw and sludgy with plenty of heavy guitars it is a good addition to their catalogue, with probably more tour dates in the pipeline the band will pick up more fans with this EP.


Cycles’ EP by Wolves is available for free on Bandcamp.

Wolves links: Twitter|Facebook|Youtube

Words by Aaron Wilson.


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