Album Review: Nobody, Ever – Everyone Stood By The Side Of The Road


There were many obvious starting points for this review, it must be said. I could have gone down the “This band are destined for greatness” said Nobody, Ever route or flipped the vibe and opted for “Bands that sound similar – Nobody, Ever”. Both, I think, an excellent use of the Internet meme which this Leicester (UK) based band are referencing in their name. Neither tells the full story here though. ‘Everyone Stood By The Side Of The Road’ is the band’s debut four tracks and, whilst it’s unlikely to catapult them to the world stage, it shows some promise. 

‘On A July Sunday’ is a gritty slow burner that plays out as a perfect introduction to the band. It’s melodic emo-rock that sticks to the basics but oozes personality. The vocals are rough but likeable, the chorus enough to grab onto but not quite as euphoric or as memorable as some, and the production is suitably understated. 

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‘Snap To Zero Weather’ picks up from there – again another thoroughly agreeable track but one that perhaps needs a bigger vocal melody to tip the scales. Whilst ‘Not So Good, Al’ is quicker paced but offers much of the same. The EP finishes with ‘Everyone, Always’ which surprises me with its very delicate and distant conclusion, much like we’ve heard from Moneen over the years.

You find character in Nobody, Ever though – you hear the band at a raw early stage and you love them for their imperfection. Here are a band that are clearly inspired by emo and punk-rock stalwarts such as The Get Up Kids, Moneen and Hot Rod Circuit and influenced by the swell of modern indie-rock bands found on Top Shelf and Count Your Lucky Stars. There’s nothing to be ashamed of though, and Nobody, Ever sit deservedly alongside them. 


‘Everyone Stood By The Side Of The Road’ by Nobody, Ever is out now.

Nobody, Ever links: Facebook|Bandcamp|Twitter

Words by Tom Beck (@HeyMercedes)


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