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Snake Eyes
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Hailing from the always-bustling Brighton music scene, meet Snake Eyes. The trio of Jim Heffy (vocals/guitar), Nicole Gill (bass/vocals), and Thomas Coe-Brooker (drums) formed in 2020, and today they’re returning with their latest EP – ‘health’.

It continues Snake Eyes‘ tight-knit brand of DIY indie-punk they describe as “grit pop”. ‘health’ sees all three members show their skills. Whether it’s Gill’s razor-sharp bass on ‘no one is truly cool’, Heffy’s fuzzy and distorted guitar chords on ’40 Winks’  or Coe-Brooker simply holding things down throughout, Snake Eyes continue to shine. Add to that a knack for writing scruffy hooks in songs that last less than 3 minutes, and you’re left with an EP that has plenty of replay value. 

As its title suggests, ‘health’ was the result of a mentally downbeat period for Heffy, yet as he goes on to tell us, these are positive songs; be yourself, be open, enjoy yourself, and have some herbal tea.

To give us an insight ‘health’Snake Eyes vocalist and guitarist Jim Heffy gave us a track-by-track breakdown of the EP.


‘health’ is a short and sweet record about mental health and the impact it can have on your physical health.

Whether it’s personal anxieties, feeling like you don’t have a voice or a say in your day-to-day, or general existential crisis about climate change – I think most of us are understandably burnt out. Nobody is cool, calm and collected all the time. Nobody knows what they’re doing really. These are positive songs that came from being in a negative mental space and we hope they serve as a lift to help you get through the day. Appreciate yourself. Love and respect.

no one is truly cool

I met a bloke in a band I like at a festival after having a really lovely chat with one of their bandmates, and I found them to be a bit of a dick. Stand off-ish and too cool for school, the exchange left a bad taste in my mouth. “no one is truly cool” is a song about respect for yourself and others (or a lack of it). In a time when most people are living their lives through their phones, it’s important to remember that nobody is cool all the time. Even Keith Richards puts down the whiskey and cigs sometimes and watches ‘The Last of Us’ with a bowl of Nik-Naks like everyone else. The fake cool guy thing can only go so far. No need for a fake personality. Just be real, be yaself.


We doubled down on our love of Britpop with this one to make our most bombastic & obnoxious ripper to date. All of us in the band struggle with our mental health from time to time. It’s become much less of a taboo subject which is a really healthy change but I do still think there’s some way to go. I’ve accepted myself as someone who struggles with keeping my head above the waves. Sometimes it feels like being happy or content is always just out of reach. Having an outlet to express yourself can be crucial in getting out of a dark place and this band is that for me. I’m very fortunate. I wrote this one as a reminder to myself (and anyone that needs to hear it) to accept all facets of yourself and stay optimistic.


‘Medicine’ is the oldest song of the bunch and has more of a garage band vibe to it. I suppose it’s a reminder to not take yourself to seriously and to listen to others. Also, it’s just fun to make lots of noise with guitars, whacking all the distortion pedals on and turning the amp up to 10 (cause it doesn’t actually go to 11). It’s a raw garage rock tune as an ode to enjoying yourself.

40 winks

I’ve always been a sufferer of insomnia, ruminating on the past, present and future. The song is a reflection of that. About feeling beaten down by yourself and by the goings on of the world, and a general feeling of helplessness. Appreciating the little things can go a long way. A bombastic banger for those operating on 4 hours sleep.

nothing better

‘Nothing Better’ was a song we approached a little differently. It’s the first time we’ve recorded live in the room together and you get something different out of the process doing it that way. It’s a song about having difficult conversations and standing up for what you believe in. Putting bullshit to one side and actually listening.

‘health’ EP by Snake Eyes is out now on Alcopop Records and can be purchased here.

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