snake eyes examine creative catharsis and mental health on ‘crybaby’

Snake Eyes
Photo credit: jessie rose (@jesssierosee)

Exciting DIY trio snake eyes have once again delivered a blast of their brand of “grit pop” in the form of ‘crybaby’.

It coincides with the Brighton-based group confirming plans to release a new EP. It’ll be a five-track collection called ‘health’, and will be released on a limited run of cassette tapes on June 16th via alcopop! Records.

“having an outlet to express yourself can be crucial in getting out of a dark place”

snake eyes‘ new track, ‘crybaby’, sees the trio openly examine their mental health and the cathartic effect music can have. “All of us in the band struggle with our mental health from time to time,” explains vocalist and guitarist Jim Heffy. “It’s become much less of a taboo subject which is a really healthy change but I do still think there’s some way to go. I’ve accepted myself as someone who struggles with keeping my head above the waves. sometimes it feels like being happy or content is always just out of reach.”

“Having an outlet to express yourself can be crucial in getting out of a dark place and this band is that for me. I’m very fortunate. I wrote this one as a reminder to myself (and anyone that needs to hear it) to accept all facets of yourself and stay optimistic.”

Stylistically, it sees the band maintain their brand of lo-fi, indie-punk.

“We doubled down on our love of Britpop with this one to make our most bombastic & obnoxious ripper to date,”

What is the track listing and artwork for snake eyes’ ‘health’ EP?

Here’s the track listing and artwork for snake eyes‘ new EP, ‘health’. In addition to ‘crybaby‘, it will also include previous single’s ’40 winks’ and ‘no one is truly cool’.

snake eyes health artwork

1. no one is truly cool
2. crybaby
3. medicine
4. 40 winks
5. nothing better


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