Beartooth Preview New Album with ‘Doubt Me’

Beartooth 2023
Photo Credit: Jimmy Fontaine

As anticipation for their fifth album, ‘The Surface’, grows ahead of its October 13th (Red Bull Records), Beartooth have shared another preview in the form of new single – ‘Doubt Me’.

It sees the quintet showcase another slice of ferocious rock with a humongous chorus. While lyrically, it continues the theme of Beartooth frontman’s Caleb Shomo introspective mindset. his mental health, and his perseverance.

“We all have our own struggles that we deal with quietly,” Shomo explained. “Sometimes, it can be hard to explain to the people around you what you’re dealing with. What may be perceived by others as weakness is actually a battle with yourself that you know will be conquered. Being in the thick of serious change is never easy, and being brought down by those who don’t understand can add to the weight. Know that when you’re in those moments, sometimes you need to just put your head down and fight with all you have, regardless of whatever people say you’re capable of at the moment.”


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