Blood Command Embrace Synth and Trap Beats on ‘Decade’

Blood Command

Norway-based group Blood Command have shared a new single in the form of ‘Decades’.

While in the past they’ve carved their own brand of hardcore punk dubbed “deathpop”, ‘Decades’ takes a different route, heading in a gentle, synth-laden direction.

Combined with their last single, ‘Losing Faith’; a laid-back, semi-duet, acoustic number, Blood Command will be expanding their musical palette on their currently unannounced next album.

“To broaden our universe, we wanted to strip back the usual rock orchestration we are known for and tap more into our pop/R ‘n B side with synths, beats and softer vocals, which is a taste of what is to come for this record, pushing musical genres to the extreme and doing the unexpected.”

With its hypnotic synths, trap beats, and Nikki Brumen’s soothing lead vocals, ‘Decades‘ shows Blood Command‘s tender, balladic side with compelling results.

“The song is about giving up on love.” says the band. “There are references to the religious movement, Heavens Gate, which are used as metaphor, most notably the title being the model of Nikes that the cult wore when their bodies were discovered after the mass suicide in 1997.”


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