Blood Command Aim for ‘World Domination’ with New Album

Photo Credit: Derek Bremner

In recent months, Blood Command have dropped hints of a new album, and today the Norway-based group have revealed details of ‘World Domination’.

Consisting of a hefty 20 tracks, ‘World Domination’ promises to be Blood Command‘s most diverse and expansive album to date. Embracing delicate lulls, techno interludes, and infectious grooves alongside their trademark brand of “death pop”.

On announcing the album, Blood Command commented; “Like various underground religious groups throughout history, Blood Command’s ever-growing following, The Awaketeam, is rising around the globe, and we are not stopping until World Domination. So keep your eyes peeled for purple shrouds, three stripes and black and white sneakers.”

1. The Band With The Three Stripes
2. Heaven’s Hate
3. Valley Of Hinnom
4. Forever Soldiers Of Esther
5. Stay Awake
6. Bare Witness
7. The Plague On Both Your Houses
8. …In The Shadow Of Deaf
9. Welcome To The Next Level Above Human
10. It’s Not Us, It’s Them
11. Hate Us Cause They Ain’t Us
12. Keep My Seat Warm
13. Burn Again
14. Decades
15. Reap What You Sow
16. Blue North
17. Holy Unblack
18. World Domination
19. Losing Faith
20. Tetragram

‘World Domination’ will be released through Hassle Records and Loyal Blood Records on September 29th.

Listen to the title track – ‘World Domination’

Many of us know Blood Command for their brash sound dominated by punk, hardcore, and soaring hooks. However, their new album sees the five-piece go in new directions.

For example, their new synth-heavy single and album title track ride on an ethereal hip-hop style, embracing Nikki Brumen’s smooth vocals and snappy rhymes.


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