Casey Share Final New Album Preview (‘Selah’)

Casey Band Promo September 2023
Photo Credit Martyna Bannister

With just over a week until the release of ‘How To Disappear’, Welsh post-hardcore group Casey have shared a final preview of their third album in the form of ‘Selah’.

The slow-burning number highlights the quintet’s ability to lure you with its compelling and gradual build. As always, there is a personal side to Casey and Selah’ is no different. The track sees vocalist Tom Weaver examine his unstable relationship with religion, and if someone (or something) greater exists, why has been put through troublesome times.

“I’ve had a turbulent relationship with religion throughout most of my life. I’ve always comfortably considered myself an agnostic, but in moments of desperation, I’ve definitely sought out reassurance from a being outside of myself,” explains Casey‘s frontman. “My overwhelming feeling towards religion is that at its best it provides a sense of belonging and community; and at its worst it serves to absolve accountability. In moments of crisis, I’ve often asked, “If you’re there, why are you doing this to me?”.

“‘Selah’ articulates that question with examples from my life. Near-death experiences or moments of pain that feel as though they shouldn’t happen beneath the benevolent gaze of something greater.”

Furthermore, Weaver described how the track was given its name, and how suitable it was.  “This song was actually named by Liam [Torrance, guitar]; it was a word that I wasn’t familiar with, but I think it fits the song perfectly,” said Weaver. “‘Selah’ is “an expression occurring frequently in the Psalms, thought to be a liturgical or musical direction, probably a direction to raise the voice or perhaps an indication of a pause”.

‘How to Disappear’ will be released on January 12th 2024 through Hassle Records and Greyscale Records.


When is Casey touring the UK?

As previously announcedCasey will be playing a short run of UK shows in the Spring of 2024. The run will also include European dates as part of the Impericon Festival.

Casey UK Tour Poster

26th Islington Academy, London
11th Rescue Rooms, Nottingham
12th SWX, Bristol
13th Academy 2, Manchester
14th Garage, Glasgow

‘Selah’ Lyrics

The fury in your house should have saved me from the debris of my car
and the blood held in my mouth from when my teeth had been knocked out
There’s always static on the end of the line to heaven
So what pain must I endure before you feel like coming down?

Lord, is it true that I am such a waste that I am easy to ignore?
No sermon that I’ve ever sung has ever summoned you, so maybe you’re not there at all.

When I was sick and I was dying, I was alone
It wasn’t empyrean fire guiding my way home
Only the voices of my friends, my mother and my father
You sat in silence, left me crying out for you to take my life

Oh Lord, is it true that I am such a waste that you’re ashamed to show your face
and grant me just a gleam of grace in even your most sacred of spaces?
And if that’s the case then;

How could I know peace?
How could I know peace?
How could I know peace?
How could I know peace?
How could I know peace? (Should I be afraid?)
How could I know peace? (Cos in the end)
How could I know peace? (I know that death will)
How could I know peace? (Greet me as a friend)


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