New Crime In Stereo Single Released (‘Goliathette’)


Next week, Crime In Stereo will be releasing, ‘House & Trance’, their first album in 13 years. Today, they’ve shared another preview in the form of ‘Goliathette’.

It sees the Long Island band maintain the lyrical intensity of recent singles, ‘Hypernormalisation’, ‘Books Cannot Be Killed By Fire’, and Rouge Wave, and combine it with sliding guitars to create a slightly psychedelic effect, before delivering a soaring chorus.

On the track, the band shared this intriguing message:

“Goliathette-Secret sermon, samizdat version. It was the defining characteristic of the early Vaportecture movement that the ability to acquire written guarantees of municipal funding was, and surely had always been, the very lifeblood of art itself. It was only through the dead-eyed grit of these hard-charging pioneers that we were able, ultimately, to write off the projected amortization against this year’s capital gains. Brave faces, all

House & Trance’ will be released through Pure Noise on October 27th.


Brave faces on
Are you locked in systems log?
Are you lost in Astrakhan?
I’m calling
A celebrity is sorry
Their Slayer shirt is torn
A nightclub gunman is waving to the tourists

Brave faces on
Why did you follow me in the dark?
What are you doing here?
How was your summer off?
I got murdered by the cops,
I got blocked by all the mods
Got my spirit crushed to dust,
got back everything I lost

Secret sermon, samizdat version

And I will be destroyed alike
I have come unmoored
we own the land, the lodge, the children, all

Brave faces, all


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