Crime In Stereo Announce First Album in 13 Years


Long Island hardcore band, Crime In Stereo, have confirmed they are to release their first album in 13 years. ‘House & Trance’ will be released through Pure Noise on October 27th.

The self-produced record follows up 2010’s ‘I Was Trying To Describe You to Someone’ yet from hearing the first tracks to be released from the record, it’s like Crime In Stereo never went away. ‘House & Trance’ promises to be riddled with “the anguish of life and existence in 2023, both musically and lyrically”. With topics such as the effects of late-stage capitalism and neoliberalism, the gradual dominance of fascism within the US political system, and isolation caused by corporate politics, it seems Crime In Stereo‘s return will heavily focus on systemic crises. Although that was never the plan.

“It’s so exhausting being a reasonable human being in 2023 in the United States of America. It’s exhausting looking around and being like, ‘What’s the fucking matter with you people?'” says vocalist Kristian Hallbert. “I’m not taking ludicrous positions on extreme political outlooks. It’s just like, ‘Hey, can you stop tearing those babies away from their parents and putting them in cages?’ Is that an outlandish position to take? Can people have healthcare? Can people not get shot in school or in church or at the goddamn mall or in a movie theater? But you say things like that and then other people are like, ‘Oh, you’re taking a political position.’ It’s so fucking insulting on a human level.”

However, with guitarist Alex Dunne being rushed for emergency surgery after a septic infection almost killed him during the making of the record, there will be a personal perspective dotted throughout  ‘House & Trance’.

Here are the full details of Crime In Stereo’s new album –  ‘House & Trance’

Crime in Stereo - House & Trance

1. Pensioner
2. Superyacht Ecopark
3. Rogue Wave
4. Hypernormalisation
5. We Can Build You
6. Goliathette
7. Books Cannot Be Killed By Fire
8. House / Trance
9. Autotourniquet
10. Skells

Pre-order ‘House & Trance’ here.

Listen to Two New Crime In Stereo Songs (‘Hypernormalisation’ and ‘Books Cannot Be Killed By Fire’)

To give fans a glimpse of what to expect from ‘House & Trance’Crime In Stereo have released two new tracks.

The first, ‘Hypernormalisation’, analyses the dispassion of people in the face of their looming demise. Musically, it maintains the melancholy post-hardcore Crime In Stereo is known for.

The other track released today, ‘Books Cannot Be Killed By Fire’, exemplifies the politically heavy nature of ‘House & Trance’. It sees the band turn its bitter eye on Republican efforts to whitewash American history and restrict access to its truth.


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