Fives: 5 Albums That Influenced Miss Vincent

Last week Southampton quartet Miss Vincent released their new EP – ‘Reasons Not To Sleep’. The EP sees them take the raw punk riffs off past releases and head in a darker, moody direction.

Whilst it might be clear who some of their influences are, we thought it’d might be best to ask them to check. As a result Miss Vincent have compiled us a list of 5 albums that have influenced them.

Alkaline Trio – From Here To Infirmary
We’re all huge Trio fans, and they’ve had a massive impact on the way that we write songs. When we started the band, they were the biggest shared point of interest. They never sound dated, and somehow their songs stay relevant and gain new meaning as you get older. There’s barely a drive that goes by on tour without Trio on the stereo, and recently we’ve sort of spontaneously smashed out ‘Armageddon’ at practice a few times.
Bayside – Cult
Bayside are another band that we’re all huge fans of. Their sound is so defined that you can instantly tell them apart from everyone else on the planet, and somehow they maintain diversity within that. They’ve got the mix of punk rock simplicity and flourishes of technicality that often goes unnoticed – a lot of the time we have to check what we’re all wearing before a show so that there’s only one of us wearing their merch!
AFI – The Art Of Drowning
It’s so hard to name one album for all of these!! Their call and response vocals, the gargantuan choruses, and their delicate lyrics have all had a huge impact on the way that we approach songs. The way that they incorporated their dark, macabre image and feel into fast, aggressive punk rock music was inspired and always really stuck out to us.
Bad Religion – The Process of Belief
Bad Religion are like the holy grail of punk rock bands. They have their own sound that is so often imitated, but nobody can sound like them. They’ve been going for about 100 years, and they endlessly prove to everyone that you can make fiercely intelligent punk rock music. We could have chosen any of their albums to put here, but this one came out when we were teenagers, so it’s kind of “our generation” of Bad Religion!
Misfits – Walk Among Us

It’s funny, because Lawrie (Pattison – Guitar & Vocals) is more of a Graves-era Misfits fan, but Alex (Marshall – Vocals & Guitar) is a total sucker for Danzig. The influence of the Misfits is ubiquitous, especially among bands like ours. ‘Walk Among Us’ is a timeless album, and we’ve covered ‘Skulls’ and ‘I Turned Into A Martian’ countless times in the past. Whatever mood you’re in, put ‘Walk Among Us’ on and turn it up.

‘Reasons Not To Sleep’ EP by Miss Vincent is out now on Engineer Records.

Miss Vincent links: Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp|Tumblr


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