FIVES: 5 Bands That Influenced American Fangs

With their brand of turbo-charged post-hardcore, there is a lot to like about American Fangs. Their new LP, ‘Dirty Legs’ is a 25 minute onslaught of thrilling rock ‘n’ roll packed with infectious hooks. Tracks like ‘Death of Me’ and ‘Say What!’ are energetic with plenty of bite and raucous riffs giving them that extra edge.

But what influenced the Texas group into producing a killer record? Well thankfully they were at hand to tell us five bands that have influenced American Fangs along the way.

Foo Fighters
This clearly needs no explanation. Dave Grohl, baby!! They just keep getting better and better and better, it’s not fair. The Nirvana ingredient obviously helps!
The Knack
‘My Sharona’ was the theme song of so many when it hit the airwaves…us included. That song has fuelled ideas for many of our songs.
This band was the sole initial reason Micah (drummer) ever picked playing the drums. If we had a dollar for every time he suggested covering a song of their lives…we’d have like $45!
If you’re from Texas (or play any type of aggressive music) and this band isn’t in your list of infliences then that’s just sad. They’re one of the most brutal bands of all time. One time for the man Dimebag…bow down!
The Bronx
First off, how was that band name not taken by the time they snagged it?! But goddamn, does this band rule! No non-sense punk rock and roll that has been a point of reference during many writing sessions of ours. They’re also one of the reasons we decided to sign with Original Signal Recordings back in ’09. Too bad we’ve yet to tour together!

‘Dirty Legs’ by American Fangs is out now on Best Before Records.

American Fangs links: Website|Facebook|Twitter|Soundcloud


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