Foo Fighters Release Tranquil Single (‘Show Me How’)

Foo Fighters 2023

With the release of their new album, ‘But Here We Are’, fast approaching on June 2nd, Foo Fighters have released a third track from it.

It’s called ‘Show Me How’ and sees the rockers take a more serene dream pop approach. While Dave Grohl’s daughter, Violet Grohl, lends her voice to add to the track’s ethereal tone.

Lyrically, it sees Dave Grohl looking for help as he looks to take responsibility following the death of the late drummer Taylor Hawkins. Just like ‘Under You’ and ‘Rescued’,  ‘Show Me How’ continues the considerably expected theme of mourning the loss of Hawkins.

The release of the track follows last weekend’s news that Josh Freese would be joining Foo Fighters on drums.

Who is Foo Fighters’ new drummer?

Josh Freese was revealed as Foo Fighters‘ new drummer during a free global streaming event – ‘Preparing Music For Concerts’.

The 50-year-old drummer has had a long and diverse history. From being a member of The Vandals, A Perfect Circle, and Devo, to being the touring drummer for Guns N’ Roses, Nine Inch NailsStingWeezer, the Replacements, Danny Elfman, and Paramore.

As a session drummer, he has an extensive list of appearances that includes The OffspringEvanescenceGood CharlotteBruce Springsteen, Static-XHollywood Undead, Michael BubléRob Zombie, Avril Lavigne, Miley Cyrus, and 100 gecs. However, he does not play on Foo Fighters‘ new album, ‘But Here We Are’, as it has been confirmed Dave Grohl recorded drums on the album.

Josh Freese played his first show as Foo Fighters‘ drummer last night (May 24th) in New Hampshire.

Special Sunrise UK Album Listening Event

Foo Fighters have also announced a special sunrise listening event for UK fans. It will take place on June 1st, and fans must be available between 00:30am and 09:30am in the South East of England. Further details are expected soon.

For a chance to win 2 tickets to this exclusive event, fans have to pre-order ‘But Here We Are’ from the band’s online UK store.

Listen to ‘Show Me How’

‘Show Me How’ Lyrics

Where have you gone?
I walk in circles
Back to square one
Made it through yesterday
Spilling wine, thinking of the time
I wrote you a melody
Rolling your eyes, I held your hand a while
You need not say anything to me
I hear you loud and clear
Loud and clear

I’ll take care of everything from now on

Where are you now?
Who will show me how?

Wait for the sun
Say hello, maybe it will come
You watched the hummingbirds
Naming every one
Do you have a minute for me?
If you don’t mind, I’ll be stopping by
To count all the little black clouds
But, don’t you worry
Please don’t worry

I’ll take care of everything from now on

Where are you now?
Who will show me how?

I’ll take care of everything from now on


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