Influences: 10 Songs That Influenced Making Monsters

This week Derry alt-rockers Making Monsters release their third EP – ‘Bad Blood’. Having honed their sound with a relentless touring approach, the quartet’s latest effort is a fiery mix of stellar riffs and powerful vocals wrapped up in a thrilling energetic ball. Songs such as ‘Call Me Out’ and ‘Better’ are fine examples of Making Monsters’ capabilities.

From hearing ‘Bad Blood,’ it’s clear the Northern Ireland quartet are more than willing to embrace a range of bold rock tendencies. We asked them to tell us about 10 songs that have influenced them along the way.

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A Day To Remember – All Signs Point to Lauderdale

Emma Gallagher (Vocals): I was around 15 when this song came out and it was the perfect anthem for those rebellious teenage years when you thought no one understood you and you hated where you were from. Such dramatic times.

Jimmy Eat World – The Middle

Emma: I love everything about this song. From the moment I first discovered it (about 12) right up to now I love blasting this song loud and forgetting my worries (cheesy I know). The lyrics are uplifting and convincing. I think ever song should have such a positive effect upon listening.

Deftones – Smile

Paul Monk (Guitar): I’m a massive Deftones fan, it’s so hard to pick one when they haver so many amazing songs. But I heard this track a few years back on the Radio 1 Rock show, I think it was the first song to be made public from the unreleased Deftones album, ‘Eros’. This was the last project their previous bassist Chi Cheng was a part of before he passed away.

Linkin Park – Papercut

Paul: I think I was about 11 years old and my cousin let me hear this one song, straight away I was blown away. I bought the album quickly after and listened to it constantly. This was definitely the record that coverted me properly into rock and metal. After this I just listened anything and everything metal and nu metal. Theirs not a single bad song on the album.

Funeral for a Friend – Juneau

Paul: Their debut album was one of the biggest influences on the style of guitar playing ended up swaying towards. For me, its just such a landmark record with so many hooks and riffs, and it still sounds just as fresh today. In my opinion, probably one of the best and most influential UK rock bands in the last 15 years.

Alexisonfire – Drunks, Lovers, Sinners and Saints

Gary Todd (Bass): Alexisonfire have been one of my favourite bands since I can remember, I’ve always tried to incorporate their gritty, driving bass sound and Wade MacNeill’s shouty backing vocals in our songs. This is one of my favourite Alexisonfire songs and demonstrates this style perfectly.

Bad Religion – American Jesus

Gary: When I was growing up I listened to a lot of punk rock music. I had more Bad Religion albums than any other band; they had so much music I never knew where to start. Some of the first songs I learnt on guitar were Bad Religion songs and really encouraged me to play music with my friends and start a band. This is one of the songs we covered in my first band.

Deftones – Around The Fur

Brian Doherty (Drums): Since my early years of drumming this song stood out to me and has both inspired and taught me a style of drumming that is very unique to the rock/metal world. This brought me to become a Deftones fan and also this becoming one of my favourite songs!

Green Day – Burnout

Brian: I could easily say Green Day are the band that taught me everything I know from being a young teen to now! I listened to them so much, I bought every album. I even bought a bass and guitar so I could record songs and sound like them. From then, I was in bands trying to perform like Tre and trying to recreate their quintessential sound.

’Bad Blood EP’ by Making Monsters is out on 13th May.

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