INFLUENCES: 5 Albums That Influenced Elasea

On their debut EP, ‘Where I Belong’, Berkshire alternative rockers Elasea produce an encouraging collection of anthemic numbers that could potentially see them breakthrough the glass ceiling joining their peers.

With its mix of big choruses, impassioned vocals and driving guitar lines, Elasea have a lot to offer. It’s clear they’re inspired by a handful of recent and successful bands, so for this edition of ‘Influences’, we asked the band to name 5 albums that have influenced them.

You Me A Six – Sinners Never Sleep
Andy: In my opinion this is one of the best albums You Me At six have done in their musical careers so far! Their instrumentation is top notch and the variety of songs on the records is amazing, showing exactly how good they really are. The vocal lines are superb and have influenced our vocal melodies on our EP ‘Where I Belong’. ‘Time Is Against Us’ has a massive bridge/middle 8 much like many of the songs off of this great album. For me there is no doubt that this album has been a massive influence for us in the writing of our new record.

Lower Than Atlantis – Lower Than Atlantis
Andy: When I heard about this album it was actually the first time I had ever heard of LTA, but it definitely wasn’t the last time I listened to them! I actually had this record on repeat for months just listening to the amazing structures and arrangements. This record hugely influenced ‘Glass Heart’ and ‘Lost in The Dark’ with the different guitar tones and catchy chords used, leading us to start experimenting with our writing and helping us delve into slightly different styles and structures than before. Vocal-wise LTA are out of this world and have influenced the vocal melodies in the majority of the EP.

A Day To Remember – Common Courtesy
Calum: This is by far the catchiest album I have heard for a long time. If ever you want to sell out shows and have the crowd screaming your songs to you, then you write an album like this. Every song sticks in your head and the musical ability of these guys just raises the bar for everyone in the same genre. Well structured songs combined with addictive vocal melodies makes this one of the best things I have heard in a long time.

Don Broco – Priorities
Calum: This groove ridden, hard rock masterpiece is more than deserving of a top spot in my list. The vocal harmonies between Rob & Matt fit so perfectly together you would believe it was a match made in heaven. Feature songs such as ‘Actors’ and ‘Priorities’ leave you wanting more. A solid album mixing the hard rock and funk genres to makes a really fresh sounding, yet technically complex fusion. I can’t wait to hear the new album ‘Automatic.’ I think it’s going to be a great follow up.

Young Guns – Bones
Liv: I love this album. The first track ‘I Was Born, I Have Lived, I Will Surely Die’ gripped me straight away, there’s something about this track that I find really dramatic and you don’t see that much in this genre. As you go through the album I think it shows how much this band have developed their song writing from the last album ‘All Our Kings Are Dead’. Songs like ‘Bones’, ‘Brother In Arms’ and ‘Learn My Lesson’ are songs that stadiums should be singing! There is simplicity in the guitar work that compliments the in depth structures so well. Vocally and lyrically this is a work of art by Gustav Wood!

‘Where We Belong’ by Elasea is out now.

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