Influences: 5 Bands That Influenced Towers

South Coast quartet Towers recently made their first step on to the UK “Brit Rock” ladder with their eponymous debut EP. Over the course of three songs, the Bournemouth collective produce a firey set of alt-rock showcasing their impassioned, anthemic style.

Although it’s early days for Towers, the EP gives them plenty of potential going forward. We recently spoke to the band about 5 bands that have influenced them and have shaped the band Towers have become.

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Jimmy Eat World

I think it’s fair to say this band is one all four of us can agree on. ‘Bleed American’ is still fresh now 15 years on. If you can make rock music that’s simple and catchy, no gimmicks or current trends, it’s timeless.

Sigur Ros

This may sound like an odd one, but their sheer melodic nature is something that we love and always try to incorporate where we can into towers. Our track ‘Otherside’ has elements that we feel are influenced by them.

Don Broco

As far as current bands we like listening to and have respect for, it’s got to be these guys. The fact they are doing something that only sounds like them, that kind of ownership to their sound is something we admire and try to emulate through our music too.


Yet another new and amazing band that continue to push their writing ability with every release. Their melodies are amazing. It’s one of those bands where every time you listen you hear something new. That type of layering is something we try to do on our tracks.


These has been an influence on us all since we were kids. The way we write, create melodies, song structures. This band has been part of our childhood and even now it’s a special band to us all.

‘Towers’ by Towers is out now.

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