Influences: Saint[the]Sinner’s Halloween Anthems

With their new release, ‘Masquerades’, Saint[the]Sinner combine fiery hardcore with theatrical rock elements to create a distinct and interesting sound. Whilst with song title such as ‘First Blood’, ‘Left For Dead’ and ‘She’s A Vampire’, it’s clear the South Coast group have a taste for all things dark and devilish. So it’s no surprise ‘Masquerades’ is being released on Halloween.

Therefore it seemed pretty fitting we asked guitarist Pash Stratton from Saint[the]Sinner to pick three bands to produce the soundtrack to this weekends All Hallows’ Eve.

As you can tell by the videos, song titles and general vibe of our band, we take influence from a lot of the weirder things in life. Personally speaking I’m a massive Tim Burton fan, so a lot of what I write comes across with that dark, theatrical vibe to it. Danny Elfman who composes for a lot of Burton’s movies is a massive influence too. His use of the orchestra to create this big, dark soundscapes is something I try and build on when I’m composing the orchestra parts.

The creative process for us is really just expecting certain vibes from what we write, then trying to almost turn this visual macabre into sound with that sort of, modern-pop rock turn. Everyone’s got a dark side, we just like to wear ours on our sleeve a bit more.

A lot of bands we pull influence from aren’t really that goth to be honest. It’s just the theatrical twist we put on it makes it come out of the shoot that way. I guess we’re just weird dudes. Haha! If we’re talking bands though…

Black Sabbath
Definitely Black Sabbath, they’re the pioneers of that stuff. The song ‘Black Sabbath’ is the evillest thing I’ve ever heard. That creepy intro with the rain and then into that monstrous riff. Goth genius.

Panic! At The Disco
Next up definitely Panic! At The Disco, there’s just something I love about that theatrical, over the top thing they’ve got going on, the first album had such a moody vibe, it’s like accessible emo, haha! This song, ‘Nearly Witches’ from the 3rd album is so cool!

My Chemical Romance
Going for a top 3, I think the last band has to be My Chemical Romance, early years. They had everything, the creep, the riffs, the lyrics, just phenomenally cool. “Helena” is just a classic, the whole image, sound thing they’ve got going on just really appealed to all of us I think.

‘Masquerades’ EP by Saint [the] Sinner is released on 31st October

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