New Interlaker Single (‘Ghostride’)


In late October, Interlaker announced themselves to the world with the release of ‘The Hunger’. The project consists of David Jakes (ex-Lonely The Brave) and Jack Wrench (ex-Arcane Roots).

Later this month, they’ll be making their live debut at London’s Omeara on 17th December. While a 12″ single, ‘The Hunger’, is set to be released next Friday (December 15th). As a preview, the duo have shared a b-side from the EP – ‘Ghostride’.

The steady-paced track highlights Jakes’ earthly voice with Wrench’s musicianship providing a cinematic tone.

“I already had the musical bare bones of ‘Ghostride’ floating around in the back of my mind; even before Dave and I started chatting. I never added any vocal melodies to it, nothing seemed to sit right. I actually remember thinking at the time, ‘someone like Dave would have something for this’, which is pretty amusing in hindsight,” said Interlaker‘s Jack Wrench.

“When Dave and I first approached the idea of writing together, this was the very first idea I thought of sending his way. I remember receiving the chorus melody from him mere hours later, and it’s nearly identical to what you hear on the record. I love that melody so much and the lyrics moved me deeply. With the chorus in the bag, I knew exactly how the rest of the track needed to go. We finished writing that song within a couple of days and it still stands as one of my favourites.”


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