Interview: Jake Langley (Post Season)

Leaving a band you’re a founding member is never easy but for former Handguns guitarist Jake Langley he has quickly landed on his feet with a new band – Post Season.

Along with Langely, the Altoona, Pennsylvania Pop Punk group includes members of local band, Nothing To Prove. Since forming late this summer, Langley and vocalist Dan Tippery have been writing and living together with the end result being the bands début EP, ‘To Infinity & Beyond’.

Needless to say Post Season have hit the ground running with not just their début EP, but a 45-date US tour set to start in the new year alongside The Tried & True. It goes without saying Post Season have a strong work ethic, and already reaping the benefits.

Already Heard recently spoke to Jake Langley to find out he came to team up with Tippery and the rest of Nothing To Prove, expectations to succeed, the bands own label (I Don’t Give A Recordings), the possible benefits from their forthcoming tour and more.

Already Heard are proud to be streaming a brand new song from Post Season. ‘Ducks Fly Together’ can be streamed below and appears on the bands forthcoming EP, ‘To Infinity & Beyond’.

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Already Heard: Hi Jake, how are you today?
Jake Langley: I am doing great! I am stoked to do this interview!

AH: For some Post Season seem to have come together quite quickly after you left Handguns but I understand the guys from Nothing To Prove were planning a change in name. Care to explain the full story how Post Season came to be?
Jake: Nothing To Prove was not planning a name change. They had some member changes and started writing songs that were in a different musical direction. So when drummer Jared Middleton contacted me, I suggested that if I start playing with them then we should change the name. I am much happier with the name. I think it fits our sound a lot better than Nothing To Prove.

AH: How have you settled into the band so far? I hear there has been plenty of activity?
Jake: We are working really hard on keeping people interested online. We are currently working on an EP, that we plan to release and sell on next year’s Vans Warped Tour outside in the line. Then very soon after, we plan on releasing our first full length, to say I am excited doesn’t quite show how happy and grateful I feel to be able to be in a band and make music.

AH: When you announced the bands formation, you released a song called ‘To Infinity & Beyond’? First of all what is the track about and how has the response been to the song?
Jake: The response has been out of control! People really like it. We put it on our Bandcamp for donations, and we made enough to record and master the rest of the three songs on the EP that we are releasing on our own label IDGRE.

AH: With your previous band having a strong following, do you think there are any expectations from Post Season to succeed?
Jake: I was behind what got Handguns to the point that they are at now. In no way do I feel like I WAS the band, but the facts are without all the hours I spent online booking tours when no one knew us at all, or the 4 summers in a row I spent following Warped Tour to sell Handguns CD’s in the line, the band would have broken up long ago. It takes more than just being in the band to make it work. To answer your question yes, I plan on going into Post Season with the exact same fire and passion that I did with Handguns. I refuse to fail.

AH: Later this month you’re releasing two new songs. One of them (‘Ducks Fly Together’) is streaming here on Already Heard. How did these new songs come together?
Jake: Shawn Dearmitt is really good at writing music so he has loads and loads of songs and song ideas. So we took the skeletons that Shawn had and picked the two that we felt were the strongest then fleshed them out and recorded them.

AH: These songs are being released through your own label – I Don’t Give A Recordings. Are there any plans to turn it into a full label and work with other bands?
Jake: Yes! That’s exactly what we want to do. I look up to Fat Mike from NOFX for starting Fat Wreck Chords and I would love to follow that model.

AH: In the new year you’re heading out on a 45-date US tour with The Tired & True. How vital is it for Post Season to get out there and be touring?
Jake: 100% vital to the success of any band is the members willingness to “grind”. Trust me when I say that I ONLY know how to grind! I can’t wait to get back out on the road.

AH: Do you think playing these shows will help the band grow?
Jake: I know it will! The best way to make people care is to meet them, play for them and hang out with them. I have made amazing memories on tour with Handguns. I am ready to move on to a new chapter of my life.

AH: I understand you and Dan have been writing plenty of material. When can we expect to hear more material? Are there plans for a full-length?
Jake: I write every single day, and so do Shawn and Dan. We plan on writing as many songs as we can, so we have a lot to pick from for our next EP and for our LP.

AH: Finally do you any words to say to the Already Heard readers?
Jake: This may sound Dr Phil-sh but find what makes you tick and live by it. I eat, sleep, live, love, breath, and die, by music. Some people may look at the fact that I have sold almost everything I own, or that I’ve been homeless in a storage shed during the winter and say that I am failing hard. The facts are when I lay myself down on my homemade bed, in a cold unfinished cement basement, I have no trouble falling asleep cause it was all worth it. I love what I do and I will keep doing it for the foreseeable future! Thank you with every ounce of my physical being to everyone who has supported me from day one. Because of you I am given the privilege of being able to do what I love.

‘To Infinity & Beyond’ by Post Season is released on 18th December on I Don’t Give A Recordings.

Post Season links: Facebook|Twitter|Tumblr|Bandcamp

Words by Sean Reid (@SeanReid86)


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