Interview: Joe Lewis

Mixing sensible pop melodies with a folk guitars, Joe Lewis is the latest singer/songwriter to gain recognition for ever-emerging indie folk pop genre.

With his latest single ‘Paperchain,’ Lewis encompasses heart-warming melodies, and catchy choruses that nothing but pleasing to hear. The single is just a preview of his forthcoming second EP due next year. 

Already Heard recently caught up with Joe to find out more about ‘Paperchain,’ his forthcoming EP, the music scene in Newport, South Wales and more.

Already Heard: Hi Joe How are you today?
Joe Lewis: Hello Already Heard, I’m great thank you! 

AH: For new listeners how would you describe your sound and who would you compare it to?
JL: I’d say my music is best described as folk punk pop somewhere in-between The Tallest Man On Earth, Frank Turner & Idlewild. I think it’s pretty upbeat and honest. 

AH: You’ve just released a new single called ‘Paperchain.’  Can you tell us what it’s about?
JL: ’Paperchain’ is about having a good set of people around you to support and be supported by. It’s a positive song about not having to struggle and go through things on your own. This was the case for releasing this single too. Luckily I have some talented friends who helped with video shoot, (my girlfriend Mel decorated Le Pub with hundreds of paper chains) making the video, artwork and the release. Everyone has been awesome. 

AH: This is your first material since the ‘Branches’ EP. How has your sound developed since that release?
JL: I am definitely starting to understand what my sound is now, and I think that will show through with the new release. The choruses are much bigger in the new songs and I’ve been learning what works live too. That is always a learning curve. Lyrically, the topics are slightly different, but still very honest taken from experience. 

AH: I understand you’re planning a new EP for release next year. How is it coming along so far?
JL: Yeah, I’ve started recording for a new release for next year and ‘Paperchain’ will be one of the songs on this release. It’s going pretty well so far. I record the songs myself from home and get my bestest northern buddy Bob Cooper to master them, so it’s a very casual process of recording a record. I’m not sure yet whether this release will be an EP, or an album. I guess I’ll just see how it sounds altogether when I am a little further into it. I am very excited though. 

AH: Any ideas when we can expect to hear more about it?
JL: I aiming to get it released for early 2013, with another single off the record released just before it comes out. In the mean time, I will be putting a song on my label – Pierpoint Records’ ‘Christmas Chronicles Compilation Vol 1.5’ in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust which will be released this December. 

AH: The EP is going to be released on Something New Records, which is a new local label based in Swansea. What is the local music scene like in the area?
JL: The south Wales music scene is pretty awesome. There are good people in most towns and cities here that are doing great things for our scene regardless of genre. Some of these people are Le Pub in Newport, who recently got saved from closure, which is amazing, SWN festival in Cardiff and Something New Records. 

AH: Any friends or bands you’d like to suggest to our readers?
JL: Elephant & Soldier is incredible. Every time I play with him, or see him play, I feel that I need to practice, a lot. Also, my South Wales friends Hot Damn, Tobias Robertson & Continents are all doing great things. I really like Sam Russo’s new album too. 

AH: Finally why should Already Heard readers listen to Joe Robert Lewis?
JL: Because it’ll make them feel good, a nice little pick me up! 

‘Paperchain’ by Joe Lewis is available now on iTunes.

Joe Lewis links: Official Website|Facebook|Bandcamp

Words by Sean Reid


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