Live Review: I Divide, Anavae, The First, Underline The Sky & Autumn Ruin – Academy 3, Manchester – 09/04/201

imagePrevious Ourzone magazine tours have brought us new bands to UK fans, The Summer Set, Framing Hayley and Adelaide are to name a few. This year’s Ourzone tour boasts some of the UK’s best and up and coming bands that people should definitely go and check out before they blow up.

Up first is the local band Autumn Ruin who is by far the heaviest band of the night. You can tell the band are young and at the start of their music journey, as generic heavy riffs barrage the crowd and screams and melodic vocals come through it’s nothing new (1/5).

Luckily up next is the first girl fronted band of the night, Underline The Sky who bring a pop punk sound we’ve heard oh so many times. But with lead vocalist Bronwyn at the helm she finally gets the crowd to react and move which the previous band couldn’t do. As the riffs come in thick and fast and the dual melodic vocals of lead singer and guitarist come through it’s a good sound. The band is shaky at the start but soon enough they settle into the set and power through a most impressive set of some catchy pop punk music that will stick in your head for a good few hours afterwards. (3/5)

The First come out with some heavy riffs and screaming vocals to start their impressive set. The band’s music can be described as melodic rock and they certainly bring plenty of it tonight as the hooks come in fast. It has to be said the screaming vocals are at times not needed as frontman Benny has a strong enough voice to lead the songs (3/5).

As the crowd slowly gets bigger the intro to Anavae starts with some electro sounds; soon enough the heavy riffs and melodic vocals are blasted out. The band play through ‘Sunlight Through A Straw’ and their latest single ‘Storm Chaser’ with such power as the heavy riffs and soaring vocals from frontwoman Becca echo through the small venue. Choosing to play two new songs yet to be released is brave but the crowd are positive towards them. Finishing with the heavy bass, electro filled ‘Invaesion’ the band bring the set to a great end. Bringing on some extra drums at the end, the band members have a big drum solo and go off knowing they played an impressive set. (4/5)

Finally the headline band of the night I Divide come on stage to the song ‘Introduction’, the riffs come in thick and fast on the songs ‘This Ships Going Down’ and ‘Never Be Stopped’ and impress. The unique thing that makes the band standout tonight is that their music is played tightly and they never miss a note, vocalist Tom Kavanagh vocals are also so unique and powerful. New songs are welcomed with open arms and certainly go down well, song of the night for me ‘The Arrival’ shows off Tom’s vocals and the at times intricate sounding guitar riffs. The band look comfortable on stage and put everything into their set which is a shame as only half the venue is full but it’s everyone’s loss as the band are really impressive tonight. As the band power through the final song they eventually go off stage to a rapturous applause. With new music being released in the future it’s only a matter of time before these guys gain the recognition they truly deserve. (4.5/5)


Words by Aaron Wilson.


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