Live Review: Papa Roach, Coldrain and The One Hundred – Rock City, Nottingham – 18/03/2015

It could be considered Papa Roach are rock veterans yet they have evolved over the years and have gathered new fans along the way. Tonight they’re at Nottingham’s Rock City. As always we have to watch the opening acts before, but this is no bad thing as Papa Roach has bought along 2 promising bands to give them the opportunity to play to large crowds.

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First up is London’s The One Hundred, a band that’s been mentioned a couple of times on this site over the past 18 months. As the venue begins to fill up, the quartet show off their brand of electro-infused take of nu-metal. Vocalist Jacob Field delivery is rapid whilst his band mates back him up with edgy breakdowns. Despite the bands best energetic effects to get the crowd moving, especially during the new track ‘Disengage’, they are static. Nevertheless tracks like ‘Downfall’ do get a good response and shows the bands versatility. The One Hundred aren’t your typical run-of-the-mill alt rock metal band. They have a hybrid of ideas that incorporates electro, rock and hip-hop but it seems a majority of the Papa Roach fan base don’t quite know how to respond. (2.5/5)

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Next up is Japanese rockers Coldrain. Having made a success of themselves in their homeland, they joined Hopeless Records last year with the aim of making a name for themselves on the other side of the world. This is their second time over here following their run alongside Crossfaith last year. From the outset they show urgency with blistering riffs and roaring screams. It’s clear the five piece have experience of playing to large crowds. Frontman Masato is commanding and it’s clear their hard rock style appeals more to the majority of tonight’s crowd than the openers. Although Masato’s clean vocals are, at times, patchy and overly Americanised, musically Coldrain leave a strong impression and have the right sound to warm this mass crowd for Papa Roach. Certainly a name to keep an eye on. (3.5/5)

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Over the past 15 years, Papa Roach have pretty much done it all; sold a ton of records, played shows around the world, had mainstream success and have been wrote off time and time again only to come back stronger. Over the course of 90 minutes, P Roach give it their all. Opening with the title track from their latest effort, ‘F.E.A.R. (Face Everything and Rise)’, the quartet quickly show why they’re still going after all these years.

They know what the crowd wants and delivers in abundance; ‘Blood Brothers’, ‘Getting Away With Murder’ and ‘Where Did the Angels Go?’ receive a rapturous response. As Jacoby Shaddix and co get into their stride, it’s clear they know how to put on a show. Shaddix especially is a born frontman and thrives off the crowds energy. In between songs he’s playful and charismatic whilst his performance is on par with that on record.

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Throughout the set guitarist Jerry Horton shreds whilst Tobin Esperance and Tony Palermo provide a tight rhythm section on bass and drums respectively. The whole Papa Roach package is rock n roll through and through. Old favourites such as ‘Broken Home’, ‘Hollywood Whore’ and ‘Blood Brothers’ slot ideally next to their newer material; ‘Broken As Me’ and ‘Warriors’, without the momentum letting go. As expected, ‘Scars’ is sung in unison before ‘Still Swingin’’ ends the main portion of their set.

The inevitable encore sees ‘Falling Apart’ get its first live airing before the quartet take us back to our angst-ridden teenage years with ‘Last Resort’. They then end the night with ‘To Be Loved’ and is welcomed by a crowd full of fist pumps and anthemic “woah”’s thus finishing on the highest of highs.

Whilst they may have moved on from their “nu-metal” years, Papa Roach have grown into a well-polished hard rock act with a wealth of songs that have the ability to get the neutrals moving. Sure they may not be to everyone’s taste, but you can’t fault Papa Roach put on a great, enjoyable show. (4/5)


Words by Sean Reid (@SeanReid86). Photos by Connie Taylor Photography and taken at the Roundhouse in London on 12/03/2015.


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