#NewMusicFriday (January 12th 2024)

Although it’s not quite the first #NewMusicFriday of the year, it’s arguably more noteworthy than last week’s releases.

For starters, there is the return of emotional Welsh post-hardcore group Casey, returning with their first album in over five years. Further afield, there is Samurai metal band RYUJIN whose debut album blends breakneck riffs with traditional Japanese elements. While Sheffield’s Rough Justice‘s delivers a semi-discography overview of their brand of metallic hardcore. The Vaccines‘ sixth album, ‘Pick-Up Full of Pink Carnations’ draws from 70’s American radio rock.

Elsewhere, Emil Bulls delivers a hefty load of melodic hard rock, Folly Group blend post-punk with hints of dub, hip-hop, and Afro-Cuban rhythms, and Extinction A.D., ALLUVIAL, and Escuela Grind all attempt to pummel you into submission as they represent the metal genre.

Casey Band Promo September 2023
Photo Credit Martyna Bannister

Casey – How To Disappear

The return of Casey in late 2022 was a welcomed one. Accompanied by AA-side single, ‘Great Grief / Atone’, the Welsh post-hardcore picked up where they left off; delivering crushingly emotional songs. Fast-forward 12 or so months, and ‘How To Disappear’, their third full-length has arrived. While past albums have focused on the health-related troubles of vocalist Tom Weaver, ‘…Disappear’ broadens their lyrical, and musical, scope.

Threaded together by a notion of absence, whether that be romantically, religiously, through morality, or the band themselves, Weaver and company explore the theme with poise. On opener, ‘Unique Lights’, he’s candid in hoping he’s “I pray I’m known for more than my misery”. While on ‘For Katie’, is shrouded in regret. Even when the emotional weight gets too heavy, it’s still compelling.

With an emphasis on melody, songs such as ‘I Was Happy When You Die’, ‘Sanctimonious,’ and ‘Bite Through My Tongue’ are led by drummer Max Nicolai’s rhymic drive. Furthermore, on the latter, Casey allow themselves to thrive in an anthemic musical skin. ‘Those That I’m Survived By’ lures you in with its atmospheric tone, its slow-burning build paying off with Liam Torrance and Toby Evans’ cinematic guitars, and Weaver’s screams. While Adam Smith’s bass supports Nicolai’s bold drum work.

Elsewhere, previous flirtations with shoegaze/post-rock are realised, supporting the atmospheric spine of ‘Unique Lights,’ the fittingly titled ‘Space Between’, and the drifty ‘Selah’. Likewise, the closing title track pulls it all together in impressive fashion.

Whether or not ‘How To Disappear’ is as revered as their previous albums is debatable. However, what Casey has done here is evolve while retaining the emotional core that made them so beloved first time around.

What is out on #NewMusicFriday?

Casey – How to Disappear
The Vaccines – Pick-Up Full Of Pink Carnations
Rough Justice – Faith In Vain
Emil Bulls – Love Will Fix It
ALLUVIAL – Death Is But a Door
Folly Group – Down There!
Extinction A.D. – Ruthless Intent
Lifesick – Love And Other Lies
Magnum – Here Comes The Rain
Project 86 – Omni, Pt. 2
Splitknuckle – Breathing Through The Wound

If you think I’ve missed something or have a new album/EP/song to tell us about, tell us about it here.

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