Review: A Trust Unclean – Parturition EP

The problem that often occurs with deathcore is how quickly it becomes stale and derivative. There is only so much gore-riddled punishment one can take before the yawns start settling in and things become a little too predictable. That’s where A Trust Unclean differ. Though all the elements of heaviness are there, it sounds as though the band are actually having fun with the music they are forging rather than taking everything so serious.

Channelling The Black Dahlia Murder by planting their tongue firmly in their cheek and then biting down just to see how it tastes, these Bicester batterers are playing the game by their own rules. Demonstrating a knack for writing a finger splitting riff as well as they can an earth-shattering breakdown, there is plenty to get lost in here.

‘Aeon twists and turns between technical brilliance and space-age imagery, with the occasion gut wrenching beatdown for good measure. While ‘‘Repurposed’ churns out a symphonic atmosphere and breakneck kick pedal by the absolute bucket load. It makes for a set of songs that rather than succumbing to the tired clichés and safety nets of their peers, feels refreshing, inventive and joyous to consume.

If you enjoy dipping your toes into the murky depths, ‘Parturition’ is a real treat for the ears. Brutal in all the right places without becoming claustrophobic, nauseating and indulgent, A Trust Unclean have brought together all the things that make deathcore so addictively punishing, added a layer of symphonic tech for good measure and created a mini-album that will rattle the cage but not give the occupants motion sickness. Most importantly, it feels as though the band are delivering the heat with a smile on their face, because after all, what’s the point in writing metal if it isn’t bloody fun?


‘Parturition’ EP by A Trust Unclean is out now on Basick Records.

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Words by Jack Rogers (@JackMRog)


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