Review: Beaumont – Honestly EP

With last year’s debut EP, ‘Nothing’, Birmingham quintet Beaumont were touted by many as “ones to watch”. Although they popped up with the occasional show and tour spot here and there, for the most part, they have been silent since then. Nevertheless, they’ve now returned with a second offering in the form of ‘Honestly’.

Like its predecessor, ‘Honestly’ carries itself with a mix of gloom-filled lyrics and energetic pop-rock. Although as opening track ‘Happiness/Joy’ suggests, the tide is turning for vocalist Spencer Edmonds as he references the unusual feeling of happiness; “comes in waves”. Accompanied by some gigantic “woah”’s and stirring guitar work, it’s clear Beaumont have picked up where they left off.

‘Satellites’ is equally punchy with a subtle indie flair, yet Edmonds and company once again show their knack for producing big, infectious choruses. ‘Hurler’ is a more reflective number. Light guitars ease in before groove-ridden instrumentation jump starts the track. While Edmonds’ references “faking it” before retreating to the comfort of his home.

One of the strongest moments on ‘Honestly’ comes in the form ‘Dependent’. Driving guitars and an impressive drum beat compliment Edmonds’ soulful voice, ultimately showing a more textured side to Beaumont’s sound. ‘Runners High’ sees out the EP on a wistful note as Edmonds accepts his mental state; staying in on a Friday night and wondering when he’ll “see the end”.

Although not as instantaneous as their debut, ‘Honestly’ is a worthy follow-up. Beaumont have again delivered a consistent set of catchy and addictive “Brit Rock” songs that are filled with emotion and substance. If they can find themselves on the right track, things will continue to look up for Beaumont.


‘Honestly’ EP by Beaumont is out now on Reclaim Music.

Beaumont links: Facebook|Twitter|Instagram

Words by Sêan Reid (@SeanReid86)


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