Review: Bukowski – grow up. give up. let go. EP

Something akin to a supergroup of the underground scene, Bukowski’s members have previous and current ties to Between You And Me, as well as fellow Ozzies Satellites and Sidelines. Resultantly, the four-piece are a new band that aren’t really new to the scene at all, and although ‘grow up. give up. let go.’ is a debut release, it has been some three years in the making. Bukowski’s emo-pop-punk has clear parallels with rising stars Trophy Eyes.

Perhaps predictably, further comparisons may be drawn to Moose Blood, who also referenced the German-born American writer in their song of the same name. Indeed, imagining James Karagiozis adopting a Kentish twang is somewhat eerie – and it indicates the immense popularity now commanded by Eddy Brewerton and Co. down under.

The repetition of a frank ‘did you ever really care?’ to superbly weighted guitar lines on the brief ‘Title’ sets the tone, which is one that ensures the tracks are never overcrowded or haphazard. Emphasis is placed upon straightforward melodies that utilise tried and tested means to enter the subconscious, such as ‘twothousandseven’’s stripped back, octave-down first verse and chorus. Bukowski prove themselves as capable of adding depth too, with the track’s supplementary riffs revealed through repeated listens.

The quiet-loud dynamic continues to be a key facet on ‘Brood’, an appropriately brooding take on Brand New-style energy building. Title track ‘Grow up. Give up. Let go.’ ticks all the angsty boxes so convincingly that it has the potential to be an instant anthem for the unwanted. Like much of this collection, it sounds remarkably accomplished for being the first music recorded by the band.

‘grow up. give up. let go.’ is a highly impressive start to life for Bukowski, who exhibit considerable skill not only in terms of songwriting, but in their awareness of the importance of moderation in instrumentation and production. One EP in and they are not only worthy of their influences but appear capable of overtaking them alarmingly soon.


‘grow up. give up. let go.’ EP by Bukowski is out now on Penultimate Records

Bukowski links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Words by Peter Stewart (@PeteStew_)


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