Review: Chasing Safety – Nomad

It’s taken a while, but Chasing Safety, the post-hardcore outfit from Cherry Hill, NJ, have finally produced their sophomore record to get the new year off with a bang. ‘Nomad’ delivers eleven tracks of pulsating rock, marked by intricate riffs and killer choruses that are sure to satisfy the faithful.

‘Brand New Prison’ provides a strong opening track with its big hook in the chorus, headswimming riffs and mixed up tempos; there is plenty going on and it ticks all the boxes. Although what follows is largely enjoyable, especially as they always nail the chorus, the constant ebb and flow of tempo changes, coupled with the complexities of the guitars makes it a little crowded at times. As is the case on ‘Run and Hide’, while things start to sound disjointed on ‘Erase Me’.

Nevertheless, either side of the pounding yet cinematic interlude of the title track, they deliver a pair of sure fire winners. ‘This is Hell’ has a more enigmatic vibe as the atmospheric verses are measured contrast to the impassioned chorus, while ‘Long for More’ alternates between scathing and smooth, before delivering a particularly frantic chorus; great tune.

The overall quality continues with the bassy groove of ‘World We Know’, the spacious ‘The Fall’, with its dual vocal attack and the slightly claustrophobic ‘Captive’. These songs show that when they switch things up a little and take a “less is more” approach, it really works. Whereas the last couple of tracks, although of high quality, go back to being a little overcrowded and are really just variations on the formula.

There is certainly enough on offer on ‘Nomad’ to get excited about, and if they are able to focus their arrangements a little and add a touch more space to their songs, they could go on to much bigger things.


‘Nomad’ by Chasing Safety is out now on Outerloop Records.

Chasing Safety links: Website|Facebook|Twitter

Words by Edward Layland (@EdwardLayland)


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