Review: Cherry – Dumbness

Philly indie-rockers Cherry effortlessly ooze cool. Accompanying ex-Kite Party guitarist Justin Fox are bassist Spencer Colmbs, drummer Eric Osman (Lame-O Records founder) and Russell Edling, to form a quartet that have exchanged reverb-laden songs for a stripped-back, organic sound.

From the evolving dynamics and exploding drums of ‘Buttoned Up’ to the haunting harmonies in lengthy ‘Motorcycle Lady’, ‘Dumbness’ takes us on a journey of Cherry’s self-discovery of sound and style. Sticking to an unpolished theme, title-track ‘Dumbness’’ stop-start intro gives a rawness to the melancholic, repetitive piano progression. Whilst Edling lends his cynical vocals to profess how “everybody’s dumb”, something perfectly contrasted by bright and catchy riffs.

Dumbness by Cherry

Fading in with a dark and crunchy bass line, nostalgic ‘Under the Sun’, brings to mind reminiscing on careless, drunken summer evenings and lost time. This track will have listeners humming along up until the final rush of drums and quietening hazy lyrics. Whereas ‘Waterfalls’ breathes a nonchalance reminiscent of Oasis “Brit-pop”.

Particular highlight and eponymous ‘Cherry’ showcases their stripped-back style using primarily two chords. Following the dark narrative of a ski trip ending with a snapped neck, Cherry’s dizzy and repetitive guitars swirl around the ambient organ. This song tackles negativity in the most positive ways possible. Even in death, our narrator sees “in the snow, little drops of blood like cherries”.

Cherry have established their new identity with ease, displaying an ethos of smiling sarcastically in the face of failure and packing unforgettable tracks. Its deliberate stylistic ambiguity and deadpan lyrics of distant memories make ‘Dumbness’ feel familiar; which is by no means a bad thing. It is the perfect mix of teenage naivety and adult cynicism and will draw in fans old and new alike.


‘Dumbness’ by Cherry is out now on Lame-O Records.

Cherry links: Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

Words by Selina Payandee (@nekdep)


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