Review: Chon – Homey

There are not many bands that have made a statement on the instrumental music scene in the past few years quite like Chon have. The band’s progressive mix of twinkly riffs and pedal effects has seen them prick up their fair share of ears and attract a worldwide array of admirers. That level of adoration is why this latest LP is so eagerly anticipated, and in many ways, the hype is fully justified.

What Chon do best is create an atmosphere that is as vivid as it is comforting. Inspired by the surroundings and lifestyle of their home in Southern California, ‘Homey’ feels like the sun kissing the back of your neck while you let your feet dip into the cool blue ocean. It feels tranquil, serene and, more than anything, believable. Nothing feels forced.

This feels like an album that has very naturally come to life through the shared mindset of the band’s members, but also by the inspiration that they have taken from their surroundings. Hell, even when the band collaborate with some rather unique and interesting artists (see Nayhoo & Giraffage) and take their already ambitious compositions to the next level, they still sound completely at ease with each other and free of any stress or strain.

Overall, ‘Homey’ is exactly that. It is heartwarming and familiar as much as it ambitious and twisted. What Chon have created is a timestamp of where they currently are which is in many ways paradise, but crafted it in such a way that it can relate to the paradise of whoever is listening to it. Though it may take a few spins to really get your head around, the benefits that can be reaped are endless, and with summer just around the corner this could easily become your go to sun-drenched soundtrack.


‘Homey’ by Chon is out now on Sumerian Records.

Chon links: Website|Facebook|Twitter

Words by Jack Rogers (@JackMRog)


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