Review: Coffee Breath – I’ll Lose Interest In This EP

It is usual to discover new bands forming over a mutual love of certain genres of music, but with the case of Coffee Breath , it was more than just that. Meeting at university, the five members of the Birmingham-based group bonded over their love of coffee, hence the name. ‘I’ll Lose Interest In This’, sees the group picking up from last October’s double single ‘Runaway/Marshmallow’, incorporating shimmering emo/math elements with a DIY indie core.

The EP kicks off with ‘Summertime’: a true embodiment of the sunny weather we all look forward to. The ornate introduction institutes a laid-back vibe that then shifts throughout the track. The mix of tempos keeps the track compelling and makes the listener take notice: an ideal example of their math-rock influences.

The intricate guitar work in ‘Kites’ is incredibly pleasing and makes the track easy to listen to. During this track, Sam Tidmarsh’s vocals really stand out, marking him out as a singer with a voice that can take you away to dreamland. His lyrics are hazy but, despite their charm, may not appeal to everyone.

Some work is still to be made on Coffee Breath’s production, yet this will come over time as they are still a fairly young band. Individually, each member packs plenty of potential, such as the melodic guitars throughout; with greater experiences along the line, this could benefit the unit as a whole.

As debuts go, it takes some time to engage with, but the result is rather pleasant. The sounds suit the band’s aspired style and allows them to stand out from other melodic rock groups. It will be nice to see where this band go next with their sound growth.


‘I’ll Lose Interest In This’ EP by Coffee Breath is out now on Further Sky.

Coffee Vreath links: Website|Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

Words by Jess Boswell (@j_lboswell)


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