Review: Cult Leader – A Patient Man

"'A Patient Man' allows Cult Leader the opportunity to stretch their legs, adding huge atmospheric soundscapes to their arsenal."

Cult Leader A Patient ManWhen Cult Leader released their debut album, ‘Lightless Walk‘, it was generally well received for its chaotic nature. The band’s new record, ‘A Patient Man’, follows in a similar vein but this time there is a darker, brooding beauty within the turbulence of the Salt Lake City four-piece. In a somewhat unorthodox manner, Cult Leader’s music isn’t all about sheer brutality and trying to be the heaviest band on the planet. Instead, it feels as though every inch of every song has been carefully planned out.

Frantic guitar riffs paired with pummeling drums and Anthony Lucero’s visceral vocals lay an early foundation of what is to come, as ‘I Am Healed’ puts you into a false sense of security that this record will be a continual punch to the gut.

‘A Patient Man’ has been constructed to be a record of two halves. With the opening three tracks being familiar territory for the former Gaza members, with guitars ruling the roost and Lucero’s haunting vocals adding an additional layer to what is being created.

However, by the time you arrive at ‘To: Achlys’, the tone of the album changes and the early brute force slows down to reveal something quite beautiful. Its transition into ‘A World of Joy’ is the perfect palate cleanser, giving Cult Leader the opportunity to stretch their legs, adding huge atmospheric soundscapes to their arsenal.

Don’t be fooled by the beauty that the band possess though because as soon as you let your guard down, they will come in with some more crushing riffs and a wall of noise which will shake your core.

Having started the album with an assault of the senses, Cult Leader close the record with an absolute masterpiece. ‘The Broken Right Hand of God’ which ebbs and flows and builds to an absolutely crushing crescendo, which if your neck wasn’t already hurting from headbanging, it will be now.


‘A Patient Man’ by Cult Leader is released 9th November on Deathwish Inc.

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Words by Tim Birkbeck (@tim_birkbeck)


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