Review: Cursed Earth – Cycles of Grief Volume 1: Growth EP

If you have even a passing interest in hardcore, you already know that there’s a storm coming. You can feel it in the air and taste it on your tongue. It’s approaching fast and there’s nothing you can do about it . The genre is currently in the best health it has been in for years and with each passing week, more and more destructive noise is filtering out of the underground. Add to that list Perth’s Cursed Earth who on this EP put in a claim to be one of 2017’s most punishing new discoveries.

What Cursed Earth do so well on this intoxicating slab of riffing is leave nothing to chance. With the longest track hitting just over 2 minutes, the band make sure that they leave an impression in the most violent and vigorous way possible. Opting for thick and crusty over fast and furious, the band channel early metalcore battery with pit bothering anguish to make for 10 minutes of complete and utter carnage.

‘War March’ churns things up early doors with its building tension and piercing fret abuse while the utterly despondent ‘Discarded’ packs in more breakdowns than you’ve had hot meals. It’s thick, gritty and undeniable in every sense of the word.

‘Cycles Of Grief Vol.1’ is a real statement of intent from a band that’s not here to just fit in and wait their turn for a moment in the sun. This is an EP that grips your throat, squeezes and doesn’t let go until its demands have been met. Even when it lets you go it still gives you a sharp kick in the shins for good measure. In a year that has already thrown up half a dozen vital releases, this is another to add to the already toppling pile. The future of hardcore is in very safe hands indeed.


‘Cycles of Grief Volume 1: Growth’ EP by Cursed Earth is released on 4th August on UNFD.

Cursed Earth links: Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

Words by Jack Rogers (@JackMRog)


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