Review: Employed To Serve – Eternal Forward Motion

"'Eternal Forward Motion' is the sound of a united band, living through dark times and expressing their frustration in an uncompromising manner."

Employed To Serve - Eternal Forward Motion

For those who have been caught up in the wave Employed To Serve have been riding on for the past two years, this third outing is considerably one of UK hardcore’s most anticipated releases of the year. While The Warmth Of A Dying Sun opened many doors for the Woking five-piece, ‘Eternal Forward Motion’ barges in. Instantly chaotic and aggressive as ever, the title track slices through with twisting, razor-sharp riffs while Justine Jones unleashes a scathing attack on those holding on to the past,

There’s a relentless, almost destructive, nature to the band’s execution. From the breakneck pace of ‘Dull Ache Behind My Eyes’ with its doom-laden breakdown to the explosive and disjointed ‘Beneath It All’, where Jones exchanges vocals back and forth with Sammy Urwin, to ‘Owed Zero’‘s scathing, metallic crunch with Jones’ admittance of “owed nothing, take everything!”

Throughout, her words match the intensity that her bandmates demonstrate. There’s a running theme with a social conscience, which merely adds another compelling side to ETS‘ abrasive musical onslaught. For example, ‘Harsh Truth’ comments on “a world outside that’s full of shit” and how no one is willing to challenge it. It highlights how frankly pissed off ETS are. Likewise, the frenzied ‘Force Fed’ takes no prisoners, taking aim at the opinionated idiots who spout nonsense daily on social media. Along with ‘Reality Filter’, where Urwin speaks of being told he’s worthless yet nothing has changed.

It all comes to a climax with ‘Bare Bones On A Blue Sky’, suggesting the band’s mindset isn’t entirely downbeat. Droning guitars compliment Urwin’s optimistic words (“I know there’s hope for tomorrow”) with Jones finding some form of clarity, as she avoids to be overwhelmed by the bleak reality we’re living in.

‘Eternal Forward Motion’ is the sound of a united band, living through dark times and expressing their frustration in an uncompromising manner. When combined with their visceral execution, Employed To Serve are at their most accomplished.


‘Eternal Forward Motion’ by Employed To Serve is released on 10th May on Spinefarm Records.

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Words by Sêan Reid (@SeanReid86)


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